Easy To Make Classy Cards

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Check out Kittie’s idea for easy to make classy cards!

Sometimes you need something to send that looks a little more……”posh”. And no one wants to spend all their FUN time searching for an idea that fits that bill. Recently, Kittie shared a great idea for easy to make classy cards that can be changed up any way you want and still have some of that elegance, that touch of chic yet still clearly be handmade. This way they know you cared enough to spend the time to make something yourself!

The other great thing about this card design is that is ANYTHING but basic even though it’s pretty easy to make. Kittie is, of course, sharing all her details on her blog and we wanted to point out some of the things that make this classy card design idea a keeper.

First, Kittie used a piece of pretty patterned paper with a small scale, all over design for her card background. This is a fabulous way to actually USE that stash you’ve been hoarding keeping safe and give your card tons of instant detail.

Second, using our new Circle Stitch Cover die, popped up with some dimensional adhesive, creates lots of visual movement with the offset, concentric circles. This tricks the eye into wanting to move all over the surface, adding that impact that makes the brain so so happy.

Last, using a singular dimensional element in the center of the smallest circle gives the eye something to use as an anchor. This means that looking at this card gives a lot of pleasant feedback to the brain because seeing that central element again and again reinforces the appreciation of just how beautiful it is.

Kittie’s bold red bloom was made with the oh-so-easy to use Stackable Flowers and Leaves #2 and we will say that people are buying their favorite shape first and then coming back and buying the other three. The feedback is that they truly ARE easy to use and even with just the teeniest bit of shaping, even flower making novices are LOVING their results. We have a reorder coming to restock the few that are left so if you don’t get them now, come back soon – they are on their way!

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And when we said this was easy to make, we weren’t kidding – here are the two things from our store that Kittie used today:

Rubbernecker Blog 5512-02D-2T
5512-02D Circle Stitch Cover Die
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog 5508-02D-2T
5508-02D stackable flowers/leaves #2 Die
[ RBB ]

Remember, too, that this card can be changed up in endless ways. Different patterned paper, even in a different theme. Different colored card stock for the cover die. ALL KINDS of different focal elements…… You can even turn these easy to make classy cards into playful and fun cards, depending on the design motif you choose. The only limit to this idea is your own imagination!

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