Fall Slimline Background-For the Coloring Addict!

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You guys are in for a treat today, as we color up another awesome stamp – this time a Fall Slimline background – for you! Michelle uses such vibrant colors, they make our eyes happy. Follow along below for steps on how to create, and check back next Tuesday for a video of her coloring this up! 

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  • On the areas that are orange work from dark to light with a range of a red, two yellow reds and a yellow. (R24, YR18, YR14, Y35)
  • For the golden yellow areas work from dark to light with a series of three yellows. (Y38, Y35, Y32)
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  • Areas that are brown use a series of four earth tones. (E31, E33, E35, E25)
  • For areas that are light gray like the clouds and umbrella use a blue violet and the Colorless Blender. (BV20, Colorless Blender)
  • After the sections are all colored use a light yellow red to fill all the background areas. (YR31)
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  • Green areas are colored with a desaturated set of yellow greens. Work from dark to light on these areas. (YG97, YG95, YG91)
  • All the red areas get colored dark to light with a series of three reds and a dark desaturated violet. (V99, R59, R37, R85)
Rubbernecker Blog RN-Sept-2d-1024x1024
  • Violet areas are colored dark to light with a series of three violets. (V28, V25, V20)
  • Use a series of blue working from dark to light in the blue areas. (B97, B95, B91)
Rubbernecker Blog RN-Sept-2e-1024x1024

Love how this image turned out! You’ll notice that most of the colors are desaturated. that means that they are colors that have some gray added into them. PRO TIP: You can know which Copic Markers are desaturated by the first number on the end. The number right after the letter represents the saturation level of the marker. The higher the number is the more desaturated, or in other words the more gray that has been added. What a fun tip! 

Enjoy, and be sure to check back next week for the video of this fall slimline background stamp getting colored in live action!

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