Gifts For Card Makers Still Shipping!


If you are looking for the very best gifts for card makers, we have very good news!

If you are still shopping and starting to feel a little pressure we have such good news! Our products make awesome gifts for card makers and because we are a small, family owned business we are all in to make sure that everything you want and need gets out the door as soon as possible. Right now we are super busy and we are still getting orders from received to shipped in 24 hours.

In fact, most orders that we receive by 3:00 PM CST Monday through Friday are getting shipped the same day with Saturday orders received by 10:00 am CST getting on that last truck. Sundays are our family day.

We can’t make any promises because we never know what can or could happen to gum up the works but we know that people love to send our goodies as gifts for card making friends and we want to make sure that what you choose for them gets to them in time. So we work our elf hats off making sure that we fill all the orders and may or may not have chased the pick up guy down the road for that one last package!

And if you are not a card maker yourself but want to give your favorite papercrafter something special, here are some suggestions:

Our Hot Hot Hot Rubbernecker Paper Pads

Rubbernecker Blog PaperPacks-5-500x333-1

We test released our first trio of these 6X6 Paper Pads earlier this year and were delighted to see that they were an instant hit! The company who makes them for us – US based, as are all our partners – were more than a little shocked at how fast and frequently we’ve been putting in reorders.

Printed on card stock weight paper, these fabulous collections feature complementary designs on both sides and they were designed to coordinate with lots of our stamps, dies and stencils. Our Design Team are nuts for them and as soon as we release new ones, our customers and fans are asking for more! There isn’t a card maker out there who wouldn’t love some of these!

Our Layered Floral Stamp Sets

We aren’t the type to brag about ourselves. We will say, though, that we have gained a reputation for our layered floral stamp sets. Our customers and fans love not just the stunning results, but how easy they are to use. When we created these, we wanted to create something that even a day one stamper could use and love and the feedback is that we achieved that goal.

We have a huge variety of these layered stamps – and plenty of non-floral designs too, if flowers aren’t their thing! – and combined with our Color Fuse Ink, you almost can’t mess these up, even if you try!

Rubbernecker Color Fuse Ink

Rubbernecker Blog ColorFuse-2-1000x667

Another item we tested and were overwhelmed with the very best feedback is our own Color Fuse Ink. When we tell you that we drove our formulators nuts with being picky……. We wanted a consistency that offered fabulous coverage, a long vibrant life and in colors that were so perfectly complementary that they could be used together to create beautiful shading and dimension and could be used all together for gorgeous variety.

We even had to accelerate our getting Color Fuse Reinkers to the market because our customers and fans all wanted to use these beautiful colors in their techniques that call for bottles that dispensed drops. We now have a gorgeous rainbow of these shades available and any card maker will tell you there’s no such thing as “too many colors” of ink!

Card Making Dies

We are also known for our fantastic card making dies. We LOVE the creative opportunities that using die cuts to create cards can provide and creating new sets is one of our favorite things to do. We are known for the details that we “bake into” the design, making it possible for even the beginner card maker to create something truly beautiful.

We have everything from basic shapes with fun details like stitching and piercing, lots of flowers and organic shapes to build paper bouquets, words to add easy pop to a project, cover dies to make instant amazing backgrounds and decorative panels and so much more.

Fabulous, High Quality Stamps

For our stamps, we only use the very highest quality materials and only US companies, both for our home economy and to eliminate communication issues. As a result our stamps truly do offer the best impressions, last an exceptionally long time (our test stamps from forever ago are still going strong) and keep delivering without cracking, peeling or drying out.

And we have stamps for just about anything you can think of. We have cute animal stamps, realistic animal stamps, people, flowers, LOADS of words and sayings, funny stamps, sassy stamps, abstract designs, classic designs. One thing people say is that they love that we have not just a huge variety in the stamps themselves but in the styles of stamps. So if your crafting friend is a traditionalist at heart, we’ve got plenty to make them happy. If they are super edgy with a funky, contemporary viewpoint, we are your people!

Rubbernecker Gift Cards!

When in doubt, Rubbernecker gift cards are ALWAYS a hit! Available in any amount you want to send, you can have one of these sent via email, making it as close to an “instant gift” as you can get! Because we have so many goodies – some of which we haven’t even shared here! – you can be assured that your recipient will be THRILLED for the chance to grab their favorites.

Don’t be intimidated trying to choose the perfect gifts for card makers – come to us and let us make you a gift giving superhero!

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