A Sweet Hand Stamped Daisies Card!

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Come see how to make this quick and easy hand stamped daisies card you can use for so many occasions.

Today Dawn is sharing her take on this oh-so-pretty hand stamped daisies card. Dawns says “I love Daisies and had to make this card to make the flower shine. Even though Dawn added some pretty color with her layers, indeed her daisies are the stars of this project. Let’s take a look at the making so we can get inspired for some weekend crafting.

Dawn started by stamping the flowers from our Thank You Daisy set onto white paper with black ink, making sure she left enough space around the image to cut it with her die later.

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Next, Dawn cut her layers using our Nested Rectangle Small Stitch die set. She cut her daisies, then the next size up from a cheery yellow and the next size up from a fresh green.

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Now she colored her daisies, adding just the lightest touches on the petals for some shadows and to give the illusion of light reflecting off those classic sunny yellow centers. Here are the Copics she used:

Center of Daisy – BV00 Y38 Y35 Y23

Petals – B60 YR21 Y00 Y0000

Stems & Leaves – YG17 YG03

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Now Dawn moved on to her sentiment where she is sharing a very smart PRO TIP to get your individual stamps lined up easily when you don’t have a stamp positioner handy. She cut a scrap of card stock to the size she wanted to use for her sentiment detail. She then stuck it down to her work surface with a little dab of tape from her tape runner. Then with a ruler, Dawn added very light pencil lines across the piece to help her see where to stamp.

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Now she inked up her words individually and stamped them on the right lines to build her sentiment in a nice tidy square.

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MEGA PRO TIP: Let the ink dry thoroughly before erasing your pencil lines! #askushowweknow. LOL.

Dawn added her pretty bow by securing the bow itself to the front of the card with a glue dot.

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She then wrapped the tails around to the back of the card and tacked them down with some scrap washi tape. PRO TIP: Save that washi tape you don’t like and won’t use on cards as “working tape” for situations like this, to use to mask or as a great temporary adhesive.

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Knowing that she wanted this panel to pop off the card a bit Dawn added a scrap of craft foam in lieu of foam tape adhesive.

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Dawn adhered her layers together and added them to her card base. She layered her sentiment on matching layers she cut from scraps and adhered it over her ribbon. As a final touch, she popped on a few gems and her beautiful hand stamped card with daisies ready to cheer someone right up was ready to go!

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Here is the stamp set and the dies from our store that Dawn used today:

Rubbernecker Blog 96359200-61ba-4682-abf8-b4ef172734de

There’s just something so sweet and simple about a hand stamped daisies card and we love that these humble flowers are so many peoples’ favorites! We are guessing you can never go wrong with sending someone daisies and this card really does let them stand out!

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    1. If you mean the layers for the card, they are cut by the dies so you don’t have to measure. If you don’t have the dies, the layers from largest to smallest are: 5 1/4 X 4; 4 7/8 X 3 3/8; and 4 1/2 X 3 1/4. For the sentiment, just stamp and trim the white layer and then go up 1/4″ on each side for each additional layer. So if your stamped piece is 2 X 2, the next layer will be 2 1/4 X 2 1/4 and the next will be 2 1/2 X 2 1/2. We hope that helps!

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