Happy Thanksgiving 2023!

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Happy Thanksgiving to our US friends, family and fans!

Today in the US we are celebrating our Thanksgiving holiday. Typically this day features the gathering of family and friends to share gratitude for our blessings, usually during a meal featuring turkey!

This custom originated in 1621 by the surviving 50 or so Pilgrims who had arrived in Plymouth, Massachusetts the year before. They were so grateful at having survived that first year and shared their celebration with almost 100 Native Americans from the local Wampanoags who had shared food, seeds, and had assisted the Pilgrims during that first brutal year.

Today we continue some of the original customs such as serving turkey – the most readily available fowl at the time, cranberries which grow in proliferation in the Plymouth, Massachusetts area, and hardy vegetables such as winter squash and pumpkins, which were in full harvest at the time of their original celebration.

However you decide to celebrate, we want to let you know that we are grateful for YOU, our fans and lovers of our products. We strive to put our hearts into everything we offer and know we couldn’t do it all without your support.

Have a blessed day!

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