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Hey there fellow crafters! We are the faces behind Rubbernecker Stamps (the kids are cute decorations). Now that we have wrapped up the show season, the Rubbernecker Stamp Team are hard at work designing new stamps and dies for 2020. Who’s excited?!!!! 

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Who here was able to join us at one of the shows this year? We absolutely love meeting everyone in person, answering your questions, and showing you all the wonderful things our stamps and die cuts can do. There is always so much energy at the shows, and there is just something about actually purchasing your items and taking them home that day that gets the creative juices flowing. 

Our Design Team is always hard at work creating the BEST cards that inspire and leave us in awe! Our colorful booth draws people in and we love to dive into how cards were made and get you hooked up with all the tools needed to help you come up with your own creations! 

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Speaking of getting creative, was anyone able to take one of our Scrapbook Expo classes? These cards were so fun to make and we loved seeing how fast each person caught on. Gathering together with like-minded people is a great way to learn new things and make new friends! 

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The only thing cuter than these cards, is quite possibly our grandchildren…. 

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All of us on the Rubbernecker Stamp Team hope to see you out on the road this next year at one of the shows but in the meantime, hop on over to our site where inventory is restocked and waiting to be added to your cart and waiting for you to make some magic. 

4 thoughts on “Hello from the Rubbernecker Stamp Team

  1. I always stop by your booth in Allentown, PA (Heirloom Productions). I enjoyed talking with Dave & watching him do demos with the powder watercolor paints & Versafine black ink. I bought the butterfly stamps, powder paints & some of the clear “World’s Best” Embossing Powder. I did learn a lot about watercolor paper. I did a butterfly birthday card for my Mom& she was thrilled with it! I recently ordered Christmas stamps & was quite pleased with them. I’m looking forward to your 2020 trip to Allentown.

    1. Oh yay! We love hearing that Linda! We love visiting all the wonderful places and connecting with crafters who love our products!

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