How To Make a Mini Slimline Card

Rubbernecker Blog How-to-Make-a-Mini-Slimline-Card

Let’s cover all the scoop about mini slimline cards!

By now you may have figured out how to make a mini slimline card but we thought it might be handy to have all the “Mini Slimline Card 101” information in one spot. Mini Slimline cards are staying in the hot trends of card making and we can see why! They are super cute, are a fresh shape and size, and are easy to make with no special tools needed but with plenty to choose from if you want to really get into them.

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Speaking of size, we get lots of questions about what is the “perfect” size for a mini slimline card. A standard mini slimline card measures 3 ¼” X 6 ¼“. To make a mini slimline card base, simply cut your card stock to 6 ¼” X 6 ½” and score the 6 ½” side at 3 ¼” and fold along the crease. Save those scraps you cut off the ends of your 8 ½” long paper for layers on these snack sized cards!

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Now, one of the things we think is a best kept secret and needs to be shouted from the rooftops is you know all those delicious 6″ X 6″ patterned papers you have? When you cut them in half do you know what you have? PERFECT mini slimline card layers! WOOT! And all those little strips of that 6″ X 6″ paper you’ve been saving for heavens-knows-what? They make perfect little accents on your mini slimline cards. You will never again feel silly or guilty for saving those scraps!

Still on the subject of layers, we designed our mini slimline die sets and mini slimline insert dies specifically for you to be able to mix and match the different designs to create your very own custom looks. Just like with our regular slimline dies, this deliberate designing allows you to have endless combinations of shapes, edges, elements and styles. We encourage you to experiment with these dies – and hand cut layers – to achieve any look you love!

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Besides their adorable size, mini slimline cards are perfectly sized and scaled for lots of different types of cards, using less supplies and often taking less time due to their reduced scale.

Shaker cards are a great example – you can get a TON of “shake” out of your filler with less thanks to the smaller size of these cards. Not just that but your shaker filler will be able to take on a bigger role because it will be more obvious. This means these cards are a SUPER fun way to use those shaped sequins, flat buttons, tiny embellishments and even teeny tiny punchies!

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Cards where you are creating a little scene also lend themselves beautifully to this size card. You can use fewer focal elements and still create a scene that is positively loaded with detail and impact.

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Let’s talk a little about scale, too. We have loads of very popular flower dies and stamps that people love to use as accents on their cards. Well, with these smaller cards, those flowers – and other elements! – can take center stage on their own or massed in bouquets.

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Also, thanks to their smaller size, a very limited – even just one – element can really stand out and “make” the whole card.

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Mini slimline cards are also PERFECTLY sized to contain check, cash or gift cards, too so they make gift giving of these items an almost custom look!

Now, people ask “But how do I mail them?” Easy! A regular small sized business envelope is the perfect size and if you buy plain white ones, you can decorate them using the same colors, stamps and themes as you did making your mini slimline card for a truly special experience for your recipient.

We have made it our mission to stand out among others in sharing the steps you need to know so you can actually make the cards we share. There are just the basics on how to make a mini slimline card and if you are as much of a fan of these are we are, come back to our blog every day to see these and other handmade card making projects created to inspire you. 



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