Introducing Rubberneckers 2020 Design Team!

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Happy twenty-twenty fellow crafters!

Looking back over the last few years, we have been so honored to work with some of the most amazing creatives in the industry. We closed out 2019 saying goodbye to a few of our favorite designers, including the ever-talented Cristena Bagne with Copictopia. Her creativity and design team leadership have been invaluable to Rubbernecker. She is doing some amazing things teaching her own coloring classes, so be sure to check here out at We will continue to have some projects showcased by Cristena, because, well, we love her!   We also parted ways with Marilyn Scheller (who created some of our favorite cards to date), and Ana Anderson.  Wishing these ladies all the best in 2020! 

Rubbernecker is pleased to announce that our 2020 Design Team has a few new faces and a lot more in store to kick off this new decade.

We are excited to welcome Guest Designer, Preeti Chandran, who’s bright and colorful cards have captured our hearts and left us binge scrolling through her social media feed for hours lol. We are so excited to see our products in the hands of this sweet woman. 

We are welcoming Carol Hintermeier to the team. Not only is her coloring drool-worthy, but her blog is very instructional and we feel she can help crafters at every level achieve a beautiful end product! 

Annie Williams is new to the team this year, and we absolutely cannot wait to work alongside her, to inspire you. Her creative eye and love for crafting is sure to draw you in just like it did us. 

And of course, where would we be without our amazing veteran designers Lisa Bzibziak, Jamie Martin, Michelle Houghton , and Allison Arbour . These ladies made 2019 epic by taking our products and turning them into art! Thank you so much, my friends, for joining us in 2020; it really is going to be a great year! 

Also a special THANK YOU to our exclusive Associate Designer, Kittie Caracciolo, who has changed the world of diecuts and how they are used. She continues to inspire us daily and pushes us to think outside the box to creat new and fun designs for you, our fellow crafters! 

And last, a big shout out to Julie Warner, for always working on special projects for us and using her insane talent to help us bring smiles to the faces of crafters world-wide. 

2020 is already shaping up to be a great year!!!! Be sure to check out our instagram account and follow all of these talented designers to continue to be inspired!!! 



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