Our Layered Stamps Video Tutorial Will Wow You!

Today we are sharing this terrific video tutorial that shows off our new clear flower layered stamps using our new Color Fuse ink to make stunning, detailed, gorgeously colored cards and paper crafting projects. This video was part of our virtual presence at the postponed Great Lakes Mega Meet. We did NOT want you to have to wait until the rescheduled dates in October to get some fun ideas and inspiration from us!

This is a 25 minute plus video, so grab a cup of tea or coffee (or something even more “fun”), pull up a chair and be prepared to be WOW’d! And keep note of all the awesome tips Dave shares, too! We will make you a PRO!


We love using these layered stamps with the super-rich Color Fuse inks to create these flowers. Grab a stamp set, a couple of ink families and try it out yourself – we guarantee you will be HOOKED on what you can do with these layered stamps!

One thought on “Our Layered Stamps Video Tutorial Will Wow You!

  1. Just wanted to say I LOVE this tutorial! Those flowers are so gorgeous and all the tips you share are so incredibly helpful!

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