NEW Dies From Rubbernecker!

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Are you ready to see some new dies from Rubbernecker?

It’s time again for you to do the happy dance to celebrate some all new dies from Rubbernecker! Let’s talk about these awesome new additions and check out some fabulous projects made with this HUGE assortment of brand new dies from Kittiekraft by Rubbernecker that you can see all in one spot right here.

There are SO many things to show you we don’t know where to start! OK, let’s take a look at these absolutely adorable bird house cards.

Rubbernecker Blog JeanManis-Rubbernecker-2022-APR-5422-07D-500x500  Rubbernecker Blog JeanManis-Rubbernecker-2022-APR-5422-07D-2-500x500  Rubbernecker Blog KC-Rubbernecker-5422-06D-Spring-Birds-1-center-458x500

Can you spot the die that was used as the base to make these? It’s the Shed Die set! We’ve been having a blast coming up with ideas for Add-Ons and so far have the Winter Add-On, the Spring Add-On and now the fabulous Bird House Shed Add-On.

Rubbernecker Blog Bird-House-Shed-Add-On-500x447

This die lets you create those little doors and accent with wood grained trim for that special detail.

We also want to call your attention to those STUNNING Spring Birds! We created these with some additional details and sized them to be able to sit as complements on a card or stand alone as a messenger of spring.

Rubbernecker Blog Spring-Birds-500x500

Next we have our classic Model A Truck. Vintage vehicles remain a trend in card making, especially for masculine cards. People went bananas for our Old Truck (Front and Back) and share that they love all the details we add to all our vehicle dies. This new die set is the perfect complement to this lineup.

Rubbernecker Blog KC-Rubbernecker-5510-04D-Model-A-Truck-1-right-500x393
Rubbernecker Blog JeanManis-Rubbernecker-2022-APR-5510-04D-500x500

We’ve added just enough detail to make this a fun die to cut and put together and keep that classic vibe.

Rubbernecker Blog Model-A-Truck-500x393

Now, take a look at this fun Circle Stitch Cover Die!

Rubbernecker Blog JeanManis-Rubbernecker-2022-APR-5512-02D-500x500

Rubbernecker Blog KC-Rubbernecker-5512-02D-Circle-Stitch-Cover-1-center-465x500
This die lets you create a super easy design element on a card which you can then dress up – like the first, rainbow card – or use to spotlight one magnificent focal element, as on the second card.

Speaking of magnificent, that lush red flower was made with our new Stackable Flowers/Leaves # 2 die set. We now have four of these easy to use die sets that will help you make the most amazingly realistic paper flowers – keep an eye out below for the two other new ones in this new dies from Rubbernecker release.

Here’s another larger die that will change your life – our Plaid Cover die. Just LOOK at these two cards, each made with a totally different method and both just stellar!

Rubbernecker Blog KC-Rubbernecker-5512-01D-Plaid-Cover-1-center-435x500

Rubbernecker Blog plaid-Julie-500x432

Aren’t those amazing? There is so so much you can do with this die and we cannot WAIT to see all your ideas come to life!

Ok – we can’t wait another second to share these with you. Check out our new Pierced Cover dies!

This card features the Diamond Pierced Cover die and this is so a “LBD” – little black dress – die that you can use with anything for any purpose.

Rubbernecker Blog KC-Rubbernecker-5511-02D-Diamond-Pierced-Cover-1-center-438x500

Next is the Flowering Vine Pierced Cover die which was designed to work with just about any of our floral dies and images.

Rubbernecker Blog KC-Rubbernecker-5511-03D-Flowering-Vine-Pierced-Cover-1-center-458x500

And finally, our Floral Swirl Pierced Cover die which instantly adds a beautiful easy to make background for any card.

Rubbernecker Blog KC-Rubbernecker-5508-04D-Stackable-Flowers-Leaves-4-center-500x376

See that gorgeous pink blossom? This was created with our new Stackable Flowers/Leaves Set #4. So beautiful, right! And Kittie is incredibly generous with her tips on how to make these flowers look downright pickable so be sure to follow her blog for all her tips and tricks!

Curious about the last of the Stackables? Well take a look at this glorious card..

Rubbernecker Blog KC-Rubbernecker-5509D-Fancy-Decorative-Nested-1-center-500x370

Those beautiful blossoms were made with the new Stackable Flowers/Leaves Set #3 along with our brand new Branches die. We created these to enhance our collection of floral dies to give you a new way to arrange your beautiful blooms. With five different sizes, we can see this die becoming another indispensable “basic” tool.

Also, did you peep that beautiful layer die cut? That’s new too – it’s our Fancy Decorative Nested die set. With three beautifully edged dies, you will be able to use these in so many ways, so many times. This is definitely a die you will want to add to your collection!

Rubbernecker Blog Fancy-nested-395x500

Here’s another card that uses a different branch and some flowers from our new Cheery Blossoms set. We wanted to create something that is reminiscent of the beautiful cherry blossoms that bloom right about now.

Rubbernecker Blog KC-Rubbernecker-5510-02D-Cherry-Blossoms-1-center-500x364   

You can really celebrate spring without a cute little wagon! We created this so you could use it as a Kids Wagon but it makes the perfect gardening wagon, beach wagon, a little picnic wagon……it offers endless possibilities and it’s just so sweet!

Rubbernecker Blog KC-Rubbernecker-5510-05D-Kids-Wagon-1-center-500x381    

Now, we love Spring wreaths and realized that our current Wreath Die Set is very seasonal and requires some assembly. This new Spring Wreath Die cuts out in one piece and has a few little added details if you want to add a little pop. Easy and quick to use, you can cut one of these out, add to a pretty layer and then use up all those little extra flower die cuts you have sitting in that dish on your craft table!

Rubbernecker Blog KC-Rubbernecker-5510-03D-Spring-Wreath-1-center-500x389

And last, even though this is a new dies from Rubbernecker release, we just had to add in these five adorable little mini sayings sets. All of these sets come on a 3″ X 4″ sheet so you can see that they truly are mini and are executed in the highest quality clear polymer meaning they are just perfect for building custom sentiments and for tucking into small spaces. There are a highly requested item and we are excited to see if you love them as much as our Design Team does!

First up is Kittie Says Mini Spring #1

Rubbernecker Blog Kittie-Says-Mini-1-372x500

And Kittie Says Mini Spring #2

Rubbernecker Blog Kittie-Says-Mini-Spring-2-376x500

Now we have Mini Simple Sayings

Rubbernecker Blog Mini-Simple-Sayings-372x500

And Mini Phrases #1

Rubbernecker Blog Mini-Phrases-1-376x500

And finally Mini Phrases #2

Rubbernecker Blog Mini-Phrases-2-379x500     

Are you inspired? If you’ve been itching for new dies from Rubbernecker, today is your day! Get on over there and snatch them up and have fun creating!

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