New Floral Stamps and Dies From Rubbernecker!

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It’s time for some fabulous new floral stamps and dies from Rubbernecker to keep the summer fun going!

We thought there was no better time to share all the new floral stamps and dies from Rubbernecker with you than here right in the middle of summer! Whether you are able to have some vacation time or are stealing crafting sessions from a busy schedule, there’s something about creating in the summer that feels so fun and refreshing.

Since we shared all kinds of snowy, frosty and fun projects with our Christmas in July last month, we wanted to take you all in a completely different and fresh direction with a HUGE release of all kinds of absolutely gorgeous flowers! This release includes SEVEN new layered floral stamp sets with coordinating dies, FOUR new watercolor floral stamp sets and THREE MORE new floral sets with coordinating dies. Are you excited? Want a sneak peek? Get comfy – here we go!

First, we have our Summer Bouquet set. This set contains seven stamps and, as always, very proudly made in the USA.

Rubbernecker Blog 3443-Summer-Bouquet

Here are a couple of projects made with this new set. Remember, all these projects will be featured in blog posts this month so check back every day for new inspiration!

Rubbernecker Blog Summer-Bouquet-Julie-452x500

Rubbernecker Blog Summer-Bouquet-Watering-Can-500x500

Rubbernecker Blog Summer-Bouquet-Carol-500x500

Aren’t those cards SO gorgeous? We spy lots of fun things added to these projects like our super popular Color Fuse Inks, new stencils and of course other dies that show how beautifully our products can all be mixed and matched for endless creative opportunities.

Next we’d like to introduce you to our Amazing Blooms Set. This set has four stamps to allow you lots of added color.

Rubbernecker Blog 3453-Amazing-Blooms

And here are some stunning cards made with this new beauty.

Rubbernecker Blog Amazing-Blooms-Layered-Friend-500x500

Rubbernecker Blog Amazing-Blooms-Orange-500x500

Meet our Wild Rose Set with seven stamps ready to stamp and roll! Just look at how simply gorgeous they are on the card!

Rubbernecker Blog 3454-Wild-Rose
Rubbernecker Blog Wild-Rose-500x500

Moving on, here’s our new Country Blooms set with 4 stamps to allow you some instant gratification stamping that looks anything but!

Rubbernecker Blog 3455-Country-Blooms
You can see from these cards they can be made to look strikingly different!

Rubbernecker Blog Country-Blooms-White-on-Black-500x500

Rubbernecker Blog Country-Blooms-Julie-411x500

Rubbernecker Blog Country-Blooms-Carol-500x500
Now, first in our layering sets, we have our beautiful Adorning Heart set that comes with 14 stamps to allow you to add color and dimension you just won’t believe! This set does also have a coordinating die you can add to your cart – yippee!

Rubbernecker Blog 3444-Adorning-Heart

Rubbernecker Blog Adorning-Heart-Julie-407x500

Rubbernecker Blog Adorning-Heart-Slimline-500x500

Rubbernecker Blog Adorning-Heart-Royals-500x500

And here’s our Just Love Set with 12 stamps and available coordinating dies to make cutting these out a snap.

Rubbernecker Blog 3445-Just-Love

Rubbernecker Blog Just-Love-Slimline-500x500   
Rubbernecker Blog Just-Love-Julie-493x500   
Rubbernecker Blog Just-Love-Blue-Slimline-500x500

Wonderous Wishes Set is another layering set with 16 stamps to give you exceptional details which you can then cut out with the separate coordinating die set also ready now for you to snap up.

Rubbernecker Blog 3446-Wondrous-Wishes


Rubbernecker Blog Wondrous-Wishes-Purple-500x500

Rubbernecker Blog Wondrous-Wishes-Orange-500x500

Our new Blooming Heart Set has eight stamps and it’s so gorgeous it can stand all on its own with one perfect blossom. This too has a coordinating die available now for purchase.

Rubbernecker Blog 3447-Blooming-Heart

Rubbernecker Blog Blooming-Heart-Birthday-500x500

Rubbernecker Blog Blooming-Heart-Blues-500x500

Rubbernecker Blog Blooming-Heart-Julie-461x500

Our Fresh Breeze Set comes with 16 stamps to build these beauties.

Rubbernecker Blog 3448-Fresh-Breeze

Rubbernecker Blog Fresh-Breeze-Watercolor-500x500

Also only needing one perfect stem, our Peaceful Elegance set 
comes with eight stamps, six alone to create the gorgeous detail, along with a separately available coordinating die.

Rubbernecker Blog 3449-Peaceful-Elegance

Rubbernecker Blog Peaceful-Julie-500x423

Rubbernecker Blog Peaceful-Slimline-Purple-500x500

Rubbernecker Blog Peaceful-Slimline-Birch-500x500

Our Sweetest Sunrise Set contains six stamps and we also have available a single outline die making this an instant card element for so many occasions.

Rubbernecker Blog 3451-Sweetest-Sunrise

Rubbernecker Blog Sweetest-Sunrise-Aqua-Blocks-500x500

Rubbernecker Blog Sweetest-Sunrise-Swirls-500x500

Rubbernecker Blog Sweetest-Sunrise-gold-500x500

Rubbernecker Blog Sweetest-Sunrise-Slimline-500x500

This new Brighten Your Day Set also has six stamps and a separately available outline die with loads of detail built into the cutting making this a true showstopper.

Rubbernecker Blog 3450-Brighten-Your-Day

Rubbernecker Blog Brighten-Julie-442x500

Rubbernecker Blog Sweetest-Happy-500x500

Our new Little Cosmos Set has 12 stamps and the die set that is sold to coordinate with it cut each floral element separately, making building bouquets with this super easy.

Rubbernecker Blog 3452-Little-Cosmos

Rubbernecker Blog Little-Cosmos-Green-Brick-500x500

Rubbernecker Blog Little-Cosmos-Black-Frame-500x500
We hope you are as excited about these new floral stamps and dies from Rubbernecker as we are in sharing them with you. We are NOT trying to push but we have had numerous items sell out quickly in the past – we do reorder right away when that happens – so if there’s something you just love, grab it now. And check back every day during our “Month of Florals” for all kinds of ideas!

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