New from Rubbernecker July 2023

New from Rubbernecker – Christmas in July!

All these new from Rubbernecker July 2023 items are part of our Christmas in July release which LOADED With fun designs so let’s get started checking them all out!

First up we have our Winter Animals Paper Pad with available coordinating die. Are these not the absolute CUTEST little critters you’ve seen? They coordinate beautifully with our darlings from our Animal Train items but with these little loves all gussied up for the holidays.

Rubbernecker Blog 2013-winter-animals-Front-cover-1000x1000

Check out these gorgeous patterns!

Rubbernecker Blog 2013-winter-animals-4-pack-1-1000x1000
Rubbernecker Blog 2013-winter-animals-4-pack-2-1000x1000

And the stars of the show…… SO CUTE!

Rubbernecker Blog Winter-Animals-1-8a-wm-1000x1000

Here are some samples to get your creative juices flowing.

Rubbernecker Blog 351311142_116480468130663_5960595215903434506_n
Rubbernecker Blog 355346610_10164796526288125_7733711213685489898_n-1000x1000
Rubbernecker Blog 351204621_6286012108149865_216668789474029610_n

Next we have our Winter Train Slimline Paper Pad, also with an available coordinating die. Note the fabulous backgrounds – with this pad and the coordinating die and cardstock for your card bases, you can make a dozen cards in a flash!

Because people have been loving the slimline sized paper pads – you get so many options with all the material! – we offer you our Snowflake Fun Slimline Paper Pad. Just LOOK at all those glorious patterns! People tell us that they use every single scrap of these papers and we are so glad that you love them!

Rubbernecker Blog 2015-Snowflake-Fun-Cover-Art-444x1000
Rubbernecker Blog 2015-6-1000x909
Rubbernecker Blog 2015-5-1000x909
Rubbernecker Blog 2015-4-1000x913
Rubbernecker Blog 2015-3-1000x913
Rubbernecker Blog 2015-2-1000x913
Rubbernecker Blog 2015-1-1000x913

Our next two die sets round out our collection of evergreen trees in a new style and different sizes to help you create realistic, natural scenes. First our Three Trees Die:

And then our Three Pine Tree Forest – both these new items are ideal for mixing and matching with our other trees:

Rubbernecker Blog 5164-01D-Three-pine-tree-forest-color-wm-736x1000
Rubbernecker Blog Laughing-Snowmen-2-DG

Joyful snowmen are always the perfect theme for a winter card. Thus we bring you our new Laughing Snowman Stamp Set with an available coordinating die.

Rubbernecker Blog 35056-laughing-snowmen-color-wm-667x1000

Don’t these cards just instantly cheer you up?

Rubbernecker Blog eZy-Watermark_09-06-2023_08-52-05-1070AM-750x1000-1
Rubbernecker Blog 355370343_10164796516578125_3971365499203308490_n-1000x1000
Rubbernecker Blog 351953092_1019272885901589_8449556091238180491_n
Rubbernecker Blog 350683176_966109104839300_2995135682933653182_n

For more cheer and a touch of whimsy, we have our new Christmas Cheer Gnomes who also have a coordinating die available in this release.

Rubbernecker Blog 35055-Christmas-Cheer-Gnomes-color-wm-667x1000
Rubbernecker Blog 356917727_10230852500841260_5776394783678634786_n-1000x1000
Rubbernecker Blog 353846323_10223084510926002_5161734689014566151_n-1000x1000
Rubbernecker Blog 355470967_10164796496943125_1965232388499712938_n-1000x1000
Rubbernecker Blog 350682337_686078459992070_2569217893061435133_n
Rubbernecker Blog 350513506_289296186775638_557832825432914863_n

We have some polar bears before and thought you all might love a fresh take on these classic characters. We give you our Polar Bear Friends Stamp Set and the available coordinating die.

Rubbernecker Blog 35054-Polar-Bear-Firends-color-wm-667x1000

Are they not a riot? And how much do you love that wreath? (We’ve been eyeballing other stamps from our inventory and spotting ones that look perfect with it.) Check out these awesome samples made with this fun new set.

Rubbernecker Blog eZy-Watermark_09-06-2023_08-50-40-3150AM-1000x1000-1
Rubbernecker Blog 353858497_10223084516566143_729398935687476820_n-1000x1000
Rubbernecker Blog 356644584_23991304733790124_5441848525533934712_n
Rubbernecker Blog 351172306_2685731038235101_44591500455937926_n
Rubbernecker Blog 354611294_10230842167262927_2630048518875908781_n-1000x1000

If you saw our sneak peek Wednesday, you know we mentioned the cute sayings that go with our new Christmas Cats Stamp Set. Cut out the feline friends with the available coordinating die and pop them on a card with any of these sentiments and you’ve got something purr-fect for your cat loving friends.

Rubbernecker Blog 36002-Christmas-cats-color-wm-500x1000
Rubbernecker Blog 356886789_10222467933782450_284313456968833073_n-1000x1000

Now we know there are often rivalries between cats and dogs so we made sure we included this new Christmas Dogs Stamp Set, also with its own coordinating die set available. And of course, we added in some pupper appropriate sayings……

Rubbernecker Blog 36001-christmas-dogs-color-wm-500x1000
Rubbernecker Blog 356860735_10222467906021756_6871751483307202041_n-1000x1000
Rubbernecker Blog 347260692_10104591065535147_2844091399013252635_n-1000x1000

There you have it – our Christmas in July collection! Click on any of the items below and start building your cart!

Rubbernecker Blog 9adc6e2c-1a59-4cd2-8eac-4d18d7cb18be

Check back often to see what else is brand new from Rubbernecker – we are always cooking up something special!

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