New Stencils for Card Making From Rubbernecker!

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Part III of Rubbernecker’s Summer Adventures – NEW Stencils for Card Making and Beyond!

We are super excited to share our brand new stencils for card making, scrapbooking, paper crafting and more. Stencils are enjoying a huge comeback in card making and our designers went bananas over these when we shared them pre-launch. We JUST released them yesterday and they are ZOOMING out of here! There are some MAJOR surprises below so let’s take a look at all of them (in no particular order):

First, we have our Leaf Stencil. This was specifically scaled to be large enough to offer impact along with any of our big, bold, beautiful images but with enough of a design repeat to serve as a perfect background for the smaller, more refined elements.

Rubbernecker Blog 4111-leaf-stencil-color-500x500

This fairly unassuming looking stencil, when used with two different tones of colors, will give you an incredibly rich looking textural finish. This Plaid Texture stencil is sure to be a “little black dress” item in your lineup because it will work with just about ANYTHING!

Rubbernecker Blog 4109-plaid-pattern-color-500x500

This next set of TWO different designs of flowers is called Spinaround Flower because if you spin the stencils around one quarter turn at a time you can create a fabulous pattern of the same flower in different colors! Not just that but you can combine these two stencils together because we engineered these so that the patterns are the same and the spacing is just right for you to be able to have some pointy blossoms and some fatter blossoms IN THE SAME DESIGN!  Wa-hoo!!

Rubbernecker Blog 4117-repeating-flower-stencil-2-part-color-500x484

Now for you slimline addicts! First, we have our Slimline Bubble Wave which we are certain will not just look amazing with all of our new under the sea stamp and die goodies, but also as a fun, motion filled background for all kinds of other designs.

Next to that is our new Slimline Stained Glass which at time to us also looks like giraffe or snakeskin which we are psyched about because animal prints are SO hot again this summer! And last is our Slimline Birch Tree which is two parts because we really really wanted you to be able to have that extra detail to make it a true Birch look. But you can skip adding that detail if you want and have fabulous “any” trees for days! NOTE: We feel it is only fair to warn everyone that the Birch Tree is down to the lowest quantity of all the new stencils!

Rubbernecker Blog 4116-slimline-bubble-wave-stencil-color-237x500  Rubbernecker Blog 4115-Slimline-stained-glass-stencil-color-237x500  Rubbernecker Blog 4114-Slimline-Birch-tree-color-237x500
Does anyone else feel like this next stencil for card making and scrapbooking is a MUST for the Fourth of July? Our new Starburst stencil can look like flowers, like water splashing, like reflecting light or like fireworks!

Rubbernecker Blog 4113-star-burst-stencil-color-500x500

Whoa – super cool! And yes, you truly DO get a very dimensional, 3D look with this new two part 3D Cube Stencil! We don’t know if you’ve noticed but that whole semi-psychedelic look is a big design trend right now and we wanted to give you a chance to be right out front with this very fun look!

Rubbernecker Blog 4112-3d-stencil-color-500x500

Keeping with that new take on those “mod” looks, we made this Sunburst stencil with a modern take on that design element and made sure to position it in a way that you can use it for both details on cards or as a whole, larger element on a project.

Rubbernecker Blog 4108-sun-stencil-500x500

From trendy to classic, we added this Woodgrain Stencil because this kind of texture never goes out of style, can be used with natural colors for that traditional look or done in unexpected shades for a fresh take on a conventional design.

Rubbernecker Blog 4107-wood-grain-500x500

Our new Wavy Stencil is another that is perfect for nautical and ocean projects but has just enough detailed designed into it that with other themes it will look just amazing, offering some visual motion and extra texture. Note that we created this where the detail is offered by the base color of your surface so you can build from light to dark to get highlights without having to break out the extra supplies.

Rubbernecker Blog 4105-wavy-lines-500x500

This is another one of those stencils you probably don’t ever want to be without. Our Clouds Stencil is another two part stencil and is loaded with as many cloud configurations we could fit, giving you endless creative opportunities for your fresh air backgrounds!

Rubbernecker Blog 4011-Clouds-500x500

Back to the funky meets fresh mode – this Swirls Stencil just HAS to be seen to be fully appreciated! The perfect circles arranged in swirls themselves makes on of the most beautiful backgrounds we’ve seen!

Rubbernecker Blog 4104-swirl-circles-500x500

Our Damask Stencil takes one of the most classic elements of design and gets it RIGHT on your cards! Again, we made sure the repeat gave you enough full elements to use as an accent piece on a project and also enough running “off the edge” for a finished look.

Rubbernecker Blog 4103-damask-floral-500x500

This Repeating Bricks stencil is another that we just know you are going to reach for again and again. We deliberately chose slightly uneven edges for the bricks so if you want to line then up, any gaps will look deliberate!

Rubbernecker Blog 4102-bricks-500x500

What can we say about our new Bold Rose stencil? It’s another two part stencil – one for the blossoms and one for the leaves – and you know what? As much as they look AH-mazing together, separately they are just as gorgeous if you need more white space.

Rubbernecker Blog 4101-bold-rosea-500x500

Bees are also a hot trend right now in crafting so we created this new Honey Combs Stencil to go with our newish bee die sets but it looks darling with any of our flowers!

Rubbernecker Blog 4009-honey-combe-500x500

This Cheesecloth Stencil is just perfect for when you need to add some visual interest to a project but don’t necessarily want to introduce an additional motif. We put a little but of a fresh twist on it by adding the pattern in a slight wave and when you see how fabulous it looks you are going to not want, but NEED this one!

Rubbernecker Blog 4005-cheesecloth-texture-500x500

This Sand Stencil was designed to allow you to add the illusion of beachy dunes to your summer cards and we created an overall repeat so you can use a portion of it for the sandy shores OR use the whole thing to add some unexpected,

Rubbernecker Blog 4004-sand-texture-500x500

For more nature based cards this Cobblestone Stencil will serve as a fantastic “foundation” for the foliage and flowers were are known for. At the same time, we made sure that using this stencil with alternative color stories would give you an amazing all-design friendly aesthetic.

Rubbernecker Blog 4001-cobblestone-500x500

And finally, we have our Vertical Lines stencil which actually, because we went for the full 6″ X 6″ can also be used horizontally! While this may look like a bland, vanilla design, there are many times you need some simple, repetitive texture on a project and this stencil will serve that up every time!

Rubbernecker Blog 4010-Vertical-Lines-500x500

Aren’t you just drooling over these? A few things you should know about our stencils for card making:

– We created them in a generous 6″ X 6″ size to enable you to both get the perfect alignment of the elements for each project you are working on AND to be able to better align them if you want to cover a larger space. We considered a card sized stencil as we’ve seen from other companies but we really wanted to give you the best advantage in your crafting with the bigger size.

– Our stencils have a thickness of 7mm which we have found to be the exact right weight; light enough for you to be able to ink right up to the lines giving you crisp, gorgeous results yet sturdy enough to provide enough body to prevent them from warping or “scrunching” when you are inking.

– Our stencils are very competitively priced. We are seeing loads of card sized stencils for several dollars more than our 6″ X 6″ stencils. Could we have priced them higher? Sure, based on what other companies are selling theirs for. But we’ve always been WAY more excited about how fun it is to craft and play and make fun things. So we’re leaving our prices where they are.

To purchase any of these awesome new stencils for card making, scrapbooking and all kinds of fun crafty things, just click on your picks below. (And at the risk of sounding pushy, we do want you all to know that some of these new stencils are already at our “low inventory” level and we haven’t even had time to update the site yet. If there’s something you love, please do get it now because the “Oh NO’s” kill us!)
Rubbernecker Blog 615bf4da-28c6-44a8-850b-9270fb294725

We are absolutely SURE you are going to love our new stencils for card making and all the amazing things you are going to be able to do with them. Our designers have all been playing with them and when we can get them out of their craft rooms long enough to send us some photos, we will be sharing them with you. In the meantime, get on over to the store and add the ones you love to your cart so we can get your favorites into your hands before they sell out!


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