Our Brand New Layered Rose Stencil In Action!

Rubbernecker Blog KC-Rubbernecker-5309-10D-Mixed-Flower-Stack-8-right-640x537-1

Just look at what our brand new, two part layered rose stencil can do!

We sent our designers all our brand new stencils including this two part layered rose stencil. And our insanely talented design team all went bananas over them and have been sharing their projects with us so we can share them with you! Like this beautiful card from Kittie – she posted it on her blog yesterday and we love it and want to give you some of the highlights.

In her post, Kittie says “I know most crafters already know how to use stencils but I took a few step by step photos to show anyone new to paper crafting.” We know there’s a new card maker born every minute and these tips are truly helpful to the newbies and are a great reminder for us pros who maybe haven’t been using stencils lately!

Kittie’s first tip is line up your stencil with your cardstock and secure it in place. You can use washi tape, masking tape, spray adhesive or, as Kittie does here, magnets on her Ranger 12″  Make Art Station and magnetic rulers

Rubbernecker Blog Rubbernecker-Stencil-Two-Part-1-640x403

Once you’ve blended you choice of ink – and people LOVE using our Color Fuse ink for stenciling because it blends so beautifully – you can lift off the rose stencil and lay down your leaf stencil, using your choice of “anchor” to again position it so it won’t wiggle or shift. 

Rubbernecker Blog Rubbernecker-Stencil-Two-Part-2-640x447

Now you can blend over your green ink.

Rubbernecker Blog Rubbernecker-Stencil-Two-Part-3-640x371

When she had that beautiful layer made with the layered rose stencil, she paired it with a rose embossed piece of white card stock. PRO TIP: Cut your stenciled panel and your embossed panel in half (instead of overlapping) and you have material for two cards.

Kittie used our Mixed Flower Stack die and says it’s on of her go-tos “with all the different sized flowers as a ‘little black dress’ kind of thing because it is so multipurpose, the shapes can work with just about any design – sort of like the layered rose stencil! – and if you don’t know what to use, you can always grab this.” PRO TIP: die cut your flowers from white card stock and color them with the same ink you used for your stenciled roses for an ideal color match.

Rubbernecker Blog KC-Rubbernecker-5309-10D-Mixed-Flower-Stack-8-center-640x489

Here are the items Kittie used plus all the other brand new stencils we just released:

Rubbernecker Blog 3411-2T
3411 Kittie Says Spring time
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog 5309-10D-2T
5309-10D Mixed Flower stack Die
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog 5175-05D-2T
5175-05D Flower #5 Die Cut
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog 4101-2T
4101 Bold Rose Stencil
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog 4116-2T
4116 Slimline Bubble Wave Stencil
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog 4115-2T
4115 slimline stained glass stencil
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog 4114-2T
4114 Slimline Birch Tree Stencil
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog 4113-2T
4113 Star Burst Stencil
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog 4112-2T
4112 3D Cube Stencil
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog 4111-2T
4111 Leaf Stencil
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog 4109-2T
4109 Plaid texture Stencil
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog 4108-2T
4108 sun burst stencil
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog 4107-2T
4107 Wood Grain Stencil
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog 4105-2T
4105 Wavy stencil
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog 4104-2T
4104 Swirls Stencil
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog 4103-2T
4103 Damask Stencil
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog 4102-2T
4102 Repeating Bricks Stencil
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog CF-SET4-2T
Color Fuse Set #4
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog CF-SET10-2T
Color Fuse Set #10
[ RBB ]
Paper Blossoms Molding Mat
[ RBB ]
Paper Blossom Tool Kit 4/Pkg
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog GLOSSY-ACCENTS-.5OZ-2T
Glossy Accents .5oz
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog TAPE-GLIDER-2T
Scotch Advanced Tape Glider & Tape
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog CO2-2T
Crossover II Fabric & Paper Cutting…
[ RBB ]

We do want to warn you that since we released all these stencils, our quantities on most have dropped, with the most of one being in the 20’s and there being only five left of the Wavy Stencil, only ten of the Swirls and just twelve left of the layered rose stencil. We WILL be placing a replenishment order but if you really want any of these, please get them now so you can get a head start on all the stencil-y goodness they offer!

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