Use Offset Stenciling to Create The Illusion of Light

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We love this take on offset stenciling to make these rays look so rich!

Offset stenciling is a fun way to add extra dimension and depth to any look and we just love how these two shades of yellow combine to offer so much warm light. And all those fun additional die cut elements create a card with so much to look at that bathes you in happiness. Let’s learn how to make one from our fabulous designer Lisa!

First, Lisa cut a piece of white card stock using the largest die from our Nested Rectangle Small Stitch Die set and placed our Sun Burst Stencil over it, securing it in place with some washi tape. She then blended some Custard Color Fuse ink over it with her blending brush.

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The then lifted and turned the stencil slightly, keeping the center circle of the stencil in place but shifting the rays to be slightly offset from the inked area. She then inked some Citrus Color Fuse over the stencil to create that beautiful warm glow.

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Lisa then cut another piece of white card stock using one of the dies from our Nested Circle Small Stitch set to fit over the center of the Sun Burst and blended those same two colors over it to create the source of that glow. She then added that over the center circle with some adhesive tape.

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She layered this panel over a salmon colored piece of card stock just 1/16th larger all around and then over a yellow card base. Next Lisa took a piece of card stock she had left over from one of her gel plate printing sessions and cut it with our Rectangle Combo OPC #4 die, choosing two adjacent pieces and saving the extras right with the die for easy access. She added some foam squares to the backs of these frames and then added them to her inked panel at a playful angle.

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Now Lisa stamped the carnations from our Brighten Your Day set, cut them out with the coordinating dies and colored them in. While she had her die cutting machine out, she also cut the shadow from our Happy Script With Shadow die from a scrap of her gel print material and the script from yellow and adhered them together with some liquid glue. Lisa added her carnations to her card front, coming out of the lower corner, with more dimensional adhesive and then added her greeting to the frame parallel to the bottom edge of the card.

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For her last touches, Lisa stamped her sentiment in black on a scrap of white card stock, trimmed it down and added it above her script words. A few sequins and this fabulous fall card was ready to go!

Here is what you are going to want to get your hands on to make this beautiful card yourself:
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Rubbernecker Blog Rubbernecker-Stamps_Lisa-Bzibziak_07.31.21b-500x500        

You can see how using this simple offset stenciling technique can add a lot of visual impact to a card, even as part of a background. Try it out and see what you think!


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