Paper Piecing With Fall Die Cuts

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Check out this adorable, ever so slightly spooky Halloween card made by paper piecing with fall die cuts!

We make a LOT of dies. We know there is nothing like having that perfect die cut to add some pop to a project or to even build the entire scene. Today, Dawn is showing off some fun paper piecing with fall die cuts to make her adorable scarecrow card. And all you have to do to extend the season on this project is remove the witch – Fall all the way!

Let’s let Dawn share her tips and tricks for the making and we will pop back in at the end.

When I saw the scarecrow die I imagined him in a cornfield. I’m so happy my imagination was able to come out on this card!

To start, use the the Scarecrow die to cut out all the colors you want to use to put him together. As I’ve said before, I like to put all my elements on a plain white sheet of paper so I can keep track of them and watch the color combinations emerge. I’ve got extras on here because I wanted to see what struck me as I put things together. Always save your extras with the dies so you have them handy for another project.

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I used an off yellow color for the cornstalks to make them look dry and just a teeny bit creepy – like you could hear the rustling in the night!

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I used a fine point black pen to accentuate the mouth on the scarecrow to make it stand out.

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Start putting your scarecrow together. Remember you will need to attach the head and hat so make sure you leave room at the top of the stick.

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I put a piece of foam tape on the top back of the pumpkin head so that it would have some dimension.

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When he was done I set him aside and made my other elements. I cut the moon from the Sun/Moon die and one of the Small Cloud Stitch clouds from silver card stock and then two more clouds from white and dark gray scraps.

Rubbernecker Blog scarecrow-11

For my background I chose a piece of purple paper from the 6 X 6 Spook-tacular Paper Pad and added some white splatters to give it some dimension and too give the impression of far away stars. For the splatters you can use watered down acrylic paint or white distress spray.

Rubbernecker Blog scarecrow-13

When this was completely dry, I started arranging my paper pieced elements. I added some gentle slopes with three pieces cut with the Slimline Hills die. Using three adds visual balance and plenty of grounding texture.

Rubbernecker Blog scarecrow-14

After laying out my scene, I decided I wanted to add a little colorful contrast to the bottom so I used the Pumpkins and Ivy die to cut some shapes from scraps of card stock.

Rubbernecker Blog scarecrow-15

Now it was time to make this scene permanent! PRO TIP: When layering your bottom elements, start with the TOP piece to make sure you leave enough room for all your sky elements.

Rubbernecker Blog scarecrow-16

Because I took a photo with my phone, I knew where I wanted everything to go so I started attaching everything with a variety of adhesive to give a little depth. I used foam tape adhesive on the scarecrow himself, the moon, the silver cloud and the witch.

Rubbernecker Blog scarecrow-17

Here’s a look at the finished front.

Rubbernecker Blog scarecrow-20

Because I chose not to add a sentiment to the front, I decorated the inside of the card. For cohesion, I added a thin mat of card stock in the same color I used for the scarecrow’s shirt and added some die cut decorations to the corners.

Rubbernecker Blog scarecrow-21

Rubbernecker back…….we LOVE the details on this card! It’s amazing how much life you can add to a scene with paper piecing die cuts and Dawn’s attention to all the different colors and elements make us really feel like we are getting the shivers in this cornfield!

Here’s what Dawn used today from our store:

Rubbernecker Blog c08e22ec-a557-49dc-95cc-15e7b1ed0add

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There are so many fun ways you can use paper piecing with fall die cuts – experiment with all your favorites and then be sure to share on our Facebook page. We LOVE to ooh and aah over everyone’s creations!

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