Plan Your Holiday Cards – Two Handy Tools!

Rubbernecker Blog Christmas-card-planning-tips

Today we want to revisit two tools we created to help you plan your holiday cards!

Over the summer during our Christmas in July celebration, we shared two tools we created to help you plan your holiday cards. We know not everyone starts as early as some and we thought now might be a good time to share these again to help you catch up and get your handmade holiday cards made and out the door!

First, we have our Christmas Card Planning Guide – click on the pic and download or print. Now, this tool assumes that you ARE the type to do things ahead. But there are still some helpful gems here that can get you thinking and tips to get things done.

Rubbernecker Blog Christmas-Card-Planning-Timeline-2022-updated-200x500

Then we have our Holiday Card Planner. This can help you figure out how much of each “ingredient” you might need and can save you some frustration when you are almost done and run out of something essential.

Rubbernecker Blog Holiday-Card-Planner-2022-386x500

It is NEVER too late to plan your holiday cards and get them done! Even if you have to scale back from an elaborate design, the people who receive your cards will NEVER KNOW. And when anything is made from the heart, isn’t it always just perfect?

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