Rubbernecker Delightful Dahlia Paper And Dies

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Come see why the Rubbernecker Delightful Dahlia Paper and Dies that coordinate are one of the best kept secrets for gorgeous, FAST handmade cards!

We’ve seen some social buzz about “the Rubbernecker Delightful Dahlia Paper and dies” and we are just tickled that they’ve become so popular. What we hear from people in the booth – who are madly snatching up extra pads! – is that they love how easily they can create cards that look 100% handmade.

People love that they can get at least 12 – often more – cards out of each set of the beautifully pre-printed flowers in each collection, that they colors work beautifully with our Color Fuse Ink and that the overall patterns coordinate with other flower dies we sell. We did go out of our way to make sure the flowers looked hand stamped with the kind of layered look that you expect from us.

Here’s a closer look at the papers you will get in this beautiful collection.

Rubbernecker Blog DD
Rubbernecker Blog 2017-Delightful-Dahlia-9a-wm-1000x1000
Rubbernecker Blog 2017-Delightful-Dahlia-7a-wm-1000x1000
Rubbernecker Blog 2017-Delightful-Dahlia-5a-wm-1000x1000
Rubbernecker Blog 2017-Delightful-Dahlia-11a-wm-1000x1000
Rubbernecker Blog 2017-Delightful-Dahlia-3a-wm-1000x1000
Rubbernecker Blog 2017-Delightful-Dahlia-4pack-3-1000x996
Rubbernecker Blog 2017-Delightful-Dahlia-4pack-2-1000x1000
Rubbernecker Blog 2017-Delightful-Dahlia-4pack-1-1000x1000

Here are the dies – you can see how you can cut out all those details with a single spin!

Rubbernecker Blog DD-Dies

Let us share a few cards we’ve had on the blog so you can see for yourself!

Here’s a design for quick and easy handmade friend cards that can be changed up endlessly to color coordinate with each set of the flowers. That said, this yellow and purple combination is so fresh!

Rubbernecker Blog RN-Floral-ee-6-2023-JM

Quick and Easy Handmade Friend Cards

See how you can make two quick and easy handmade friend cards at once – SO gorgeous and perfect for batch making! People are absolutely LOVING our Delightful Dahlia 6 X 6 Paper Pad and the coordinating die. We have received so much feedback about how you love the colors, the designs and how fast you can make cards with them. Today, Jamie she showing off her beautiful idea for quick and easy handmade friend cards using these two items

Then we have this GORGEOUS quick and easy handmade card that uses nothing but a set of flowers, a piece of patterned paper and scrap of white card stock. Talk about easy! But you’d never know it to look at it!

Rubbernecker Blog KC-Rubbernecker-2017-Delightful-Dahlia-6x6-Paper-Pad-1-left-559x640-1

A GORGEOUS Quick and Easy Handmade Card!

Not only can you make this beautiful quick and easy handmade card in mere minutes, it’s got a cost savings secret you will LOVE! What if we told you that you could make 24 of these stunners for about $2 each? TRUE! Our very own Kittie Carcciolo shared this knockout of a quick and easy handmade card on her blog and we just had to share it here. She used our Delightful Dahlia 6×6 Paper Pad and our Delightful Dahlia

And we couldn’t resist sharing another quick and easy flower card that used the same color of flowers but executed just differently enough that it takes on a whole different look.

Rubbernecker Blog CAS-dahlia

Quick and Easy Flower Card

Today’s quick and easy flower card looks like you’ve been stamping all day and takes mere minutes! We know how much having cards that you can make in just minutes is helpful. We designed one of latest Paper Pads – our Delightful Dahlia – to allow you to do just that. Here’s an example – this quick and easy flower card is made with just a couple spins through a die cutting machine, a tiny bit of inking and adhesive.

If you haven’t yet had the chance to experience the Rubbernecker Delightful Dahlia Paper and Dies, we suggest you jump in and grab at least one pad and the dies. You will be so thrilled when you need a last minute card that still has all the beautiful details you love to create. No one will ever know how easy it was!

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