Are You Getting Rubbernecker Emails?

Rubbernecker Blog LookBook

If you aren’t getting Rubbernecker emails, you are losing out on all kinds of inspiration!

When we say you are losing out on inspiration if you aren’t signed up for our Rubbernecker emails, we don’t just mean the emails themselves. Yes, they are chock-a-block full of eye candy and handy links and yes, our emails are where we make most announcements first. We get SO many people saying that the Rubbernecker emails are their favorite stamping company emails to get and that makes us feel so good!

But the OTHER thing that you get when you sign up for our emails is our becoming legendary (according to what our friends and fans are telling us) Rubbernecker Inspiration Look Book. This download is jam packed with ideas for you to use to make the cards you see or to use as jumping off points for your very own creations.

The best part? It’s absolutely FREE! All you have to do is sign up for our information packed emails and you will get this fabulous resource to browse and use forever. Not just that, but every time we publish another issue, you will get those free in your inbox as well!

Here’s a little peek at this gorgeous resource:

Want to get a copy of this amazing FREE Look Book? Click HERE and you will be signed up for our emails, easy as that! We will NEVER share your information for any reason so you can be confident that this will all be between just us. We hate it when people do that to us so we vow we will never do that to you.

There is a new release tomorrow and anyone who subscribes to the Rubbernecker emails gets first notice – sign up NOW and get the scoop before the rest of the world!

Sign up for the Rubbernecker emails, grab your Rubbernecker Inspiration Look Book now and sink in to some delicious eye candy and idea sparking! You’re going to love it all!

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