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Is Everything From Rubbernecker Made In The USA?

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Every last thing in our store proudly bears the “Rubbernecker – Made in the USA” distinction. We are a small, family owned business now three generations deep. (Well, the little ones THINK they are helping so we let them believe that because they are so stinkin’ cute!) We pride ourselves on supporting other American businesses and want to always know that we are doing everything we can to sustain our own economy, provide jobs to our fellow countrypersons and know that it comes back to us on so many levels.

Could we outsource some of our things to other countries like so many of our fellow paper crafting companies? Of course – we are contacted all the time by outfits that say they can cut our manufacturing costs and give us a higher margin on our goods. But the way we look at it is that strategy will cost us in the long run.

If we purchase goods at a cheaper rate from outside the US, that means less money spent within our own economy, less money flowing in and out of our USA businesses and eventually less money in our customers’ pockets and MORE in those of those other countries. To us this feels like a slow erosion of our strength as a nation in many aspects and, for all it strengths and weaknesses, we kinda like it here!

So we are committed to sourcing our materials, manufacturing, labor, packaging, shipping, marketing, communications – everything – here in the good ol’ US of A.

And YOU can feel awesome about supporting all those fellow Americans when you know that you are supporting “Rubbernecker – Made in the USA!”

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