Rubbernecker March 2023 Release

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Get ready – it’s our Rubbernecker March 2023 release loaded with new goodies!

We are SO excited to share with you all the beautiful things we’ve been working on for our floral-themed Rubbernecker March 2023 release. Our Design Team has gone BANANAS for these beautiful new stamps sets, papers and dies and we know you will, too! Shop Now

First up is our new Welcome Spring Paper Pad, designed alongside our own Exclusive Associate Designer, Kittie Caracciolo.

Rubbernecker Blog RubberneckerMarchRelease-12-1000x667

Kittie helped choose these patterns to complement many of our stamps and dies and we are all in love with these patterns. Take a look:

Rubbernecker Blog 2016-Welcome-Spring-4-pack-1-002-1000x1000
Rubbernecker Blog 2016-Welcome-Spring-4-pack-2-002-1000x1000
Rubbernecker Blog 2016-Welcome-Spring-4-pack-3-002-1000x1000

So fresh, so springy and SO ready to use on all your cards and paper crafting projects for the season and beyond.

For this new release, we combined some stand alone floral images with fabulous sentiments to create a collectible line of images and sayings. We heard you all loud and clear when you said you love variety in your sentiments and we are excited about what we’ve put together!

Speaking of springy – how fresh and sweet is this Hugs Your Way set? Reminiscent of early bloomers, these blossoms are the perfect size to adorn a card solo or to use grouped for high impact.

Rubbernecker Blog RubberneckerMarchRelease-1000x667

Next up is our Friendship Poppies set, this with an available coordinating die:

Rubbernecker Blog RubberneckerMarchRelease-6-1000x667

See below for the fun new nested die set that made those layers!

Our new Geranium Sparkle will surely bring the smiles:

Rubbernecker Blog RubberneckerMarchRelease-4-1000x667

Our new Watercolor Hydrangeas – with an available coordinating die – lets you easily and quickly add watercolor look coloring with the outline and fill in stamps:

Rubbernecker Blog RubberneckerMarchRelease-25-1000x667

Are there many things that are more springy than these cheerful flowers? Our Daffodil Blooms set is loaded with spring feelings AND greetings:

Rubbernecker Blog RubberneckerMarchRelease-11-1000x667
Rubbernecker Blog RubberneckerMarchRelease-43-1000x1000

See below for that fun bouquet wrap!

We added this Orchid Wish with its beautiful contemporary flair to our two layer lineup for super fast yet beautifully rendered artwork for cards of all types of occasions:

Rubbernecker Blog RubberneckerMarchRelease-24-1000x667
Rubbernecker Blog RubberneckerMarchRelease-36-1000x1000

Our Sunflower Beauty – also with an available coordinating die – brings that sweet simplicity to card making:

Rubbernecker Blog RubberneckerMarchRelease-5-1000x667
Rubbernecker Blog RubberneckerMarchRelease-40-1000x986

Also with an available coordinating die, our new Petunia Blooms is another set that lets you make all occasion cards with just the addition of ink and paper:

Rubbernecker Blog RubberneckerMarchRelease-3-1000x667

And last we have our The Little Things set with three larger fun greetings that you can mix and match with other sets to your heart’s delight:

Rubbernecker Blog RubberneckerMarchRelease-2-1000x667
Rubbernecker Blog Wide-World-IMG4822

Flowers get a lot of love this time of year, bit what about trees? They show off, too! We’ve got this Watercolor Spring Tree that is so fast and easy to use and gives you the most gorgeous, rich effect.

Rubbernecker Blog RubberneckerMarchRelease-7-1000x667

Now how about some new stencil designs? We know you love them and we do too! Here are NINE ready for you to ink, paste, gloss – whatever you like.

Our Circle Weave Stencil adds a beautiful geometric look with tons of fun visual motion:

Rubbernecker Blog RubberneckerMarchRelease-23-1000x667
Rubbernecker Blog RubberneckerMarchRelease-32

Our Feather Plumes Stencil has a touch of an art deco feel and adds lots of pizzaz:

Rubbernecker Blog RubberneckerMarchRelease-17-1000x667

Sort of funky and lots of fun, our Circle Paver Stencil can be used to add everything from a bold look to a tone on tone texture:

Rubbernecker Blog RubberneckerMarchRelease-16-1000x667

Our Vined Leaves gives you a very cool all over look with that hint of foliage to set off any focal element:

Rubbernecker Blog RubberneckerMarchRelease-20-1000x667

This Tree Branch Stencil coordinates beautifully with lots of our dies so you can build out gorgeous, texture vignettes so easily:

Rubbernecker Blog RubberneckerMarchRelease-19-1000x667

A little bit retro and lotta bit adorable, our Bubbles Small and Large Stencil can be used, oh, a ZILLION ways:

Rubbernecker Blog RubberneckerMarchRelease-18-1000x667
Rubbernecker Blog RubberneckerMarchRelease-31-1000x1000

Another addition to our fabulous multi part stencils is our new Baroque Floral Stencil – use multiple colors or just one and get a beautifully rich look with just ink:

Rubbernecker Blog RubberneckerMarchRelease-13-1000x667
Rubbernecker Blog RubberneckerMarchRelease-48-1000x1000

We know that the perception of motion on cards is a beautiful thing and our new Organic Wave Stencil adds so much with so little effort:

Rubbernecker Blog RubberneckerMarchRelease-15-1000x667

There are so many ways to use our Interlocking Circles Stencil – the combination of a basic shape and contemporary arrangement make it a universally appealing design:

Rubbernecker Blog RubberneckerMarchRelease-14-1000x667

OK! How about some new dies?

First up is this gorgeous, detailed, two piece Decorative Rectangle die set. Our designers said they had to hold themselves back from wanting to use these on every card they are making right now!

Rubbernecker Blog RubberneckerMarchRelease-8-1000x667
Rubbernecker Blog KC-Rubbernecker-5600-02D-Decorative-Rectangle-1-right-

We HAD to start to “round” out the collection so we added in this Decorative Floral Circle die set now – use the flourishes with the frame or alone for instant, gorgeous flourish.

Rubbernecker Blog RubberneckerMarchRelease-26-1000x667

Our Nested Rectangle With Square Holes die set is reminiscent of filmstrips (see below!) and the square hole details along the edges add a new fresh take on a standard edged die. This is what was used to make the layers in the blue Friendship Poppies card above.

Rubbernecker Blog RubberneckerMarchRelease-9-1000x667

Speaking of filmstrips, how adorable is this Slimline Filmstrip Die? You can trim this down for standard sized cards and picture this with all those little photos from school tucked into a scrapbook?

Rubbernecker Blog RubberneckerMarchRelease-21-1000x667
Rubbernecker Blog KC-Rubbernecker-5513-06D-Slimline-Filmstrip-1-center-1000x474

We added some cute details to this Wine Glass and Bottle die set, like the liquid for the glass and the label details, to take something basic and give it a little somethin’ somethin’ extra.

Rubbernecker Blog RubberneckerMarchRelease-22-1000x667
Rubbernecker Blog KC-Rubbernecker-5603D-Wine-Glass-and-Bottle-1-left-

What better way to “hand” someone a bouquet of paper flowers than with our new Floral Bouquet Wrap? And because no one ever said “I wouldn’t LOVE more little flower shapes”, we added a new option with our Small Flowers #5 die.

Rubbernecker Blog RubberneckerMarchRelease-10-1000x667

The large wrap was used on the card below with the smaller one used on that pretty rose card showing off our Daffodil Blooms above – so fun!

Rubbernecker Blog KC-Rubbernecker-5605-02D-Flower-Bouquet-Wrap-1-center-

Now, you all know that we don’t create bundles – we want you to be able to choose what YOU want to use. But we love sweetening our new releases so we are offering 15% off all new release items today through Sunday night at midnight. Here are all the goodies in this release so get on over to the store and grab what you just cannot live without!

Rubbernecker Blog 3d71d044-1992-4adf-8d87-4d1ec579e100

We hope you are as excited about this Rubbernecker March 2023 release as we are and are able to get your hands on some of the fun new items. We’d love to hear your thoughts so be sure to drop a comment or say Hi at one of the live shows!

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