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Here are all the places you can find Rubbernecker on social media – join us!

Whether you like watching videos, saving projects for the future, engaging with other card makers or just hanging out in the background and taking it all in, we wanted to share all the ways you can find Rubbernecker on social media platforms across the web.

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First, of course, we are on Facebook with our Rubbernecker Fans page. Our designers share their creations – some not from the blog! – and every once in a while a brave fan will post a project, too. We’d LOVE to see more of you sharing your creations there – it’s a totally free judgement zone and we adore seeing how you use your Rubbernecker goodies with your own creative spin. PLEASE don’t be shy – we are all super friendly and would love to “meet” you!

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Next up is Pinterest. We have SO many great images on our Pinterest page and it’s such a handy spot to save and share project ideas. Feel free to use our same board names if that helps you stay organized!

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What would we do without YouTube? Did you know that YouTube was originally supposed to be a dating site? We still think it’s the perfect matchmaker between people wanting to SEE something being done and informative content. We have over 75 videos over there and are adding new ones all the time. Go one over and check out our channel and browse all the different ideas you can learn while watching.

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Speaking of video – did you know we JUST started on TikTok? Wow – that platform can be SO much fun! You can get 1 – 3 minute videos on all kinds of topics from cute animals to amazing foodies to home renovations to, of course, crafting! We’ve got a few videos on our account and will be making more soon. Come “follow” us so you get anything new right there ready for you!

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And of course, there’s always good ol’ Instagram. We share pretty much anything and everything over there so it’s a great place to browse for inspiration and calorie-free eye candy! Follow us there, too, so you can see everything that’s happening in our world.

We love our customers – you are all the best – and we’d love the chance to engage with you even more so come find Rubbernecker on social media where YOU hang out and let’s be friends!

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