Brand New – Rubbernecker Sentiment SETS!

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Check out the BRAND NEW Rubbernecker sentiment sets!

We’ve sold greetings and word stamps individually forever and we thought it was high time to put together some fabulous Rubbernecker sentiment sets and we know you are going to LOVE them!

We’ve been asked so many times to create sentiment sets and we decided now is the perfect time to give you what you love. First, the cost of red rubber has gone through the roof and we HATE raising prices. Now that photopolymer has improved so much, this was perfect timing. (We will still use red rubber for certain kinds of stamps – like backgrounds – because sometimes there really is no substitute. And thankfully we have such good relationships with our suppliers and manufacturers we are going to be able avoid most of the pricing fiascos that we are seeing with some of our peers in the stamp-making business!)

Second, so many of you have said that you love sentiments in clear stamping material because you like to be able to get these images perfectly situated on your cards. We tested all the designs to make sure they translated to clear stamping and they do!

Third, we know stampers love having a selection of stamps around a theme so they can browse their collections easily and choose the perfect saying for the perfect spot on the perfect card. Offering our well-loved greetings mixed with new sayings, fonts and designs as we expand this line is the perfect solution!

And last, offering our sentiments in sets represents a cost savings for you! Being able to run the sheets in groups like this means we can pass the savings on to you – WOOT! These stamps are all less than $3 each with many less than $2 when part of a set!

OK – enough talk – let’s look at the first 18 brand spankin’ new Rubbernecker Sentiment Sets you can get right now!

Happy Birthday #2 Phrases Stamp Set – Lots of fonts, several fun designs, six stamps for just $14.95

Rubbernecker Blog Happy-Birthday-2-333x500

Christmas Cheer Set – Seven customer-favorite Christmas greetings in a lovely assortment of fonts and sizes for $18.95

Rubbernecker Blog Christmas-Cheer-250x500

Christmas Smiles – Our cheekier Christmas greetings, seven in all for just $18.95

Rubbernecker Blog Christmas-Smiles-250x500

Christmas Joy – more classic style greetings in a set of 6 for $14.95

Rubbernecker Blog Christmas-Joy-333x500

For all our coffee lovers – and you are MANY – we had to make this Caffeine set just for you with 9 stamps for just $18.95.

Rubbernecker Blog Caffeine-250x500

And for those evening beverages, we put together Cheers also with 9 stamps for $18.95.

Rubbernecker Blog Cheers-250x500

We are known for our funny stamps and this Humor set with make you smile, especially when you snap this set up for just $18.95 for all 10 stamps!

Rubbernecker Blog Humor-Phrases-250x500

Now we have two sets perfect for those fun cards for friends –  BFF #1 with 10 stamps –

Rubbernecker Blog BFF-Phrases-Set-1-250x500

And BFF #2 with 8 stamps, both sets $18.95 each.

Rubbernecker Blog BFF-Phrases-Set-2-250x500

For all those cards you send just to raise someone’s spirits, we created a special set of nine stamps called Uplifting Phrases for $18.95.

Rubbernecker Blog Uplifting-Phrases-250x500

And then we had others we just HAD to put together called Encouragement Phrases with 8 stamps also for $18.95.

Rubbernecker Blog Encouragement-Phrases-250x500

Picking up the tempo, we put these 10 stamps together for some Good Times – also $18.95.

Rubbernecker Blog Good-Times-Phrases-250x500

For those cards where you just want a fun, light saying we put together Just Because with 9 stamps for $18.95.

Rubbernecker Blog Just-Because-250x500

Specifically for those girl-to-girl card occasions, we created You Got It with 7 stamps for $14.95.

Rubbernecker Blog You-Got-It-333x500

Something else we are known for are our faith based stamps and we joke that they must have angel wings because they sure do fly out of here! We put as many of our customer favorites as we could fit into three different sets. These are all, you guessed it! – $18.95 for each set.

Faith and Scripture #1 – 8 stamps

Rubbernecker Blog Faith-And-Scripture-1-250x500  |

Faith and Scripture #2 – 7 stamps

Rubbernecker Blog Faith-and-Scripture-2-250x500

Faith and Scripture #3 – 7 stamps

Rubbernecker Blog Faith-and-Scripture-3-250x500

And last, one of the themes we got asked for a set of the most, our Sympathy Phrases, a set of 10 stamps for $18.95.

Rubbernecker Blog Sympathy-Phrases-250x500

Are you excited? We did a soft launch at the very end of the month because we were busy getting all our brand new floral stamps ready so, believe it or not, some items are already running low! But we’ve got a reorder ready so grab what you want and watch for even more Rubbernecker sentiment sets in all kinds of themes!

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