Rubbernecker’s Java Good Time Paper Pad

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Come see all the “perks” you wil have when you see the gorgeous patterns in Rubbernecker’s Java Good Time Paper Pad!

There’s a reason that when we say that the Rubbernecker’s Java Good Time Paper Pad is restocked in the booth we can almost hear the stampede coming for us! This collection of gorgeous coffee themed patterns might just be one of the more popular things we’ve created. It ties in perfectly with our long-popular collection of goodies for coffee lovers.

Now, we don’t have that many projects to share with you. Doesn’t that sound ridiculous? Well the reason is that we were always so low on stock because they would fly out the second they arrived. And as a result, because customers come first, our beleaguered Design Team was always last on the list. Take a peek at what we do have…..

First, here’s the Java Good Time 6 X 6 Paper Pad in all its glory:

Rubbernecker Blog 345913616_574425738134059_1673196633104761827_n-1000x998
Rubbernecker Blog 345916713_773809124473717_595753691439452413_n-1000x1000
Rubbernecker Blog 345865711_6225189157562669_6975661487849905658_n-1000x1000
Rubbernecker Blog 345916713_773809124473717_595753691439452413_n-1000x1000

Aren’t those just so perfect? Because if you know Rubbernecker, you know WE love coffee. So much so that we lots of fun coffee themed items in the store that you can browse here. And of course you can browse any of the tons of designs of coffee themed projects on the blog and incorporate your favorite patterns into your own creations.

Here are three fabulous cards that use papers from this Paper Pad for your inspiration:

Rubbernecker Blog eZy-Watermark_08-06-2023_09-10-23-0640PM-1000x1000
Rubbernecker Blog 354064661_10222393190513915_6395153743490182456_n-1000x1000
Rubbernecker Blog 353017073_10222370983718759_8504733180412539440_n-1000x1000

We are pretty sure that if you are a lover of all things brew-licious, then Rubbernecker’s Java Good Time Paper Pad is going to be a perfect addition to your patterned paper stash!

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