Skin Color Copic Markers For Darker Skin Tones

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We are excited to share one more amazing tutorial using skin color Copic markers for darker skin tones from our designer Michelle Houghton. Today she is using our beautiful “Ellynn” Stamp, which is one of many in our shop that celebrate diversity. You will find the steps and colors she used below. If you really love it, then be sure to tune back in next Wednesday as there will be a video tutorial posted here and our YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube so you don’t miss any tutorials! 

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  • Starting with the skin base all of the skin areas with E21.
  • Use a darker mid-tone to map out the shading on the skin areas, E25.
  • Use a darker tone in smaller amounts to deepen the shadow areas, E27.
  • Blend the skin smooth working back through the darker mid-tone and then covering the light base color with a light mid-tone, E25, E23.
  • Add a deep red earth tone to add color to her cheeks and blend it in with the skin tones, E09.
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  • Base all of the hair with a light earth tone, E13.
  • Use a series of red and earth tones to create texture and volume to the hair with small thin flicks, R56, E09, R59.
  • Work with the 4 hair colors to smooth and enhance texture to your personal desired effect, E13, R56, E09, R59.
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  • For lips use two earth tones to create shape and color, E09, E04.
  • Use a rich color to add a touch of color to the lids, V28.
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Isn’t the final images just stunning! Her coloring brings our stamps to life and we are so amazed at all the talent out there in this world. Be sure to share your Rubbernecker designs by tagging us on social media #RubberneckerStamps. And be sure to pin this tutorial for later if you ever need to reference it again. 

If you are interested in experimenting with skin color Copic markers for these beautiful darker skin tones, we invite you to browse our selection of stamps featuring gorgeous African-American models here.

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