Thank You Card Sayings – En Espanol!

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Some of you may know that we have many thank you card sayings in the shop including this brand new and FLYING out the door set and this set in Spanish and lots in between. We love mixing things up and since “Gracias” has become a popular word for even the non-Spanish speaking peeps this card is a GREAT example of a fun way to use a stamp from a foreign language set in a way everyone can understand it!

Lisa has created for us a slimline shaker card – how much do we love combining types of cards?!? – and she’s using some of our newer goodies like the Field of Daisies Clear Layered Stamp Set and the simply gorgeous SLI (Slimline Insert) Circle Lattice Die.

To created her front panel, Lisa placed the two dies she used on her card stock, positioning them exactly the way she wanted. Because she was making a shaker card, she wanted to center the slimline insert die but experiment with offsetting them, butting them up in corners, etc. That’s the beauty of how we designed these slimline insert dies – we wanted you to be able to have endless combinations and limitless creativity.

Lisa did use some removable tape – you could use that washi tape you got in a bundle that you don’t love – to make sure the didn’t shift when getting zipped through the die cutter.
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Here’s a great PRO TIP! Almost all brand new stamp sets – clear or rubber – can have some leftover material on the stamping surface from the mold release. You may have noticed this when the ink beads up and you get a splotchy first impression. There’s nothing wrong with the stamp! It just needs a little seasoning before it will give you those perfect images. Some of the ways you can remove this film is to rub the surface lightly with a standard eraser – Lisa’s choice, rub your finger over the surface, spritz it and wipe it on your jeans…..

One way you can do this that is super easy and can help prevent staining of clear stamps (it’s the nature of higher quality material) is to ink up and stamp a brand new stamp with the lightest shade of a red tone that you have. Red seems to stain the most and using a very pale color will “stain” the stamp in that pale shade before the deeper colors get a chance. Then clean your stamp and repeat one or two more times – solid stamps may need these additional repeats thanks to all that surface area.
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Now you are ready to use those beautiful new stamps to create your images! Lisa used her favorite shades of bright yellows and oranges to create her daisies. She says “This set is SO easy to line up, there is no need to mark them!”
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Here are the Color Fuse colors Lisa used for this project. Our customers are absolutely HOOKED on these inks and we are just so excited that you all love them so much! Is this not a perfect representation of beautiful fall colors?

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After Lisa stamped and die cut all her flowers and leaves, she turned to her shaker element. She cut a piece of acetate slightly larger than the window created by the lattice and adhered it to the back side of the panel. She then added foam tape all around the opening on the back, making sure that edges butted up to one another so her shaker filler couldn’t sneak out. She made a little pile of sequins in the center of the BASE of the card and carefully lowered her window panel over.

Then she attached her flowers using various thicknesses of dimensional adhesive to build a nice arrangement. She added a few little sprigs of leaves for some pops of color along with a few sequins here and there to echo the shaker filler.

And last, she stamped “Gracias”, gave it an (IMPRESSIVE!) fussy cut and popped that onto the card with more foam tape.
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We just love it! Honestly, when we see what our designers create sometimes it’s all we can do to get back to work when all we want to do is STAMP!

Here are the things in addition to the new stamp set you will want to have to make this fabulous card:

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Using different thank you card sayings can add a lot of personality and mood to a card. Using something sassy, something sincere, something snarky – all of which we have in the shop! – gives you a chance to say and show exactly how you feel!

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