Who is Rubbernecker?

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Come learn who is Rubbernecker and why we LOVE what we do!

This year marks our 30th year in business and we thought it might be a fun time to share who IS Rubbernecker and what makes us tick?

Rubbernecker Stamps started in 1993 as a catalog and wholesale stamp shop in Ontario, California. The 90’s were good to us; we specialized in red rubber stamps mounted to perfect little wooden blocks. Our stamps were so fun/unique, you would bend your neck to get a closer look (lol), which is where the name “Rubbernecker” came from. We also had a huge paper catalog and people ordered through the mail (can you imagine?).

We thrived on making relationships within our small face-to-face crafting community and went to stamp shows around Southern California. In 2006 we did a huge renovation on the company and entered the digital age with our very own website. This allowed us to reach more people and really see how giant this community was. At the same time, we started traveling to stamp and scrapbook shows all over the United States and were inspired to continue looking for ways to stay competitive in this growing market. We switched to the “cling cushion” style of stamping using clear acrylic blocks to help keep our famous red rubber relevant. In 2014 we expanded our products to include clear stamps and dies, and we were amazed at how innovated stamping had become.

In 2017 we FINALLY got on the social media bandwagon and we are so happy we did. The outpouring of love and community, as well as the opportunities to be inspired and learn, are something we cherish. In 2021 Rubbernecker relocated our business from California to Tennessee. We were able to create our own line of Inks and stencils in 2019 and our new line of paper pads in 2022. Last year we finally said goodbye to our beloved red rubber stamps, making way for the clear polymer sets which are in high demand. With only four employees, (Dave & Pat, their son Rob, and his wife Beth), we have cultivated a reputation for amazing Customer Service, high-quality products made exclusively in the United States, and a heart for teaching.

Dave, Pat, Rob & Beth

We know there are so many choices when shopping for your crafting supplies, but we just want you to know that this small family business thrives on your support. We have made it 30 years in a changing and growing market, and we look forward to serving you for many more to come. We are so grateful for each and every customer, fan and follower and derive true joy from bringing all of YOU things that bring YOU joy!

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The next time you are at a show, PLEASE come by and say hello! We get a huge kick out of putting faces to the names we see fly by on a shipping label and since we all do truly love what we do, we love to share our excitement and ideas with you.

So now you know who is Rubbernecker, a little about our story and hopefully you got the feeling that we absolutely love everything about what we do. We’d LOVE to hear from and about you! Feel free to leave a comment here or introduce yourself on our Facebook fan page so we can say HI!

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  1. You all know what customer service means! The order process is exceptional, and anytime there is an issue, which is extremely rare, it is resolved quickly. The quality of your products is also consistent and very well done. You are my favorite company to order from. Hope you will be back in West Springfield, MA again.

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