A Cute Way To Use a Window Die Cut!

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Check out this video tutorial for how to use a window die cut to make an adorable card!

We’ve seen Kittie use our window die cut to make some really pretty cards. Today we are happy to share her video that shows you a fun and fairly easy way to make a realistic and detail loaded card with a die cut window and flower box.

Let’s check out the video and then scroll down for some highlights:

Here are some highlights from the video:

– Kittie created “siding” and adding these little details goes a long way to creating a card with lots of visual texture. This siding is nothing more than little strips of card stock with adhesive tape – a great way to use up scraps!

– Kittie did use an exacto knife to cut the window opening. She does say you can use a die if you have one the right size but know that it might be a little tough to cut through all that siding.

– The curtains are simply strips of card stock cut using our Borders #2 die to create the eyelet edge – Kittie then used a crimper to make the pleats. Of course you can use any material for your drapes; patterned paper, decorated cardstock, whatever you like! Isn’t her attention to detail just so amazing?

– Kittie says she used a lot of foam tape for on this card! Building layers with dimensional adhesive adds space between all the layers, creating a ton of depth and dimension and thus more realistic looking scenes. Check out the video to see all the places she uses it and how easy it makes adding those fun flower box details.

– Kittie always shapes her flower die cuts using the simple technique of pressing down into the centers of the little blooms with a shaping tool. This is such a quick and easy step and adds some of the most visual impact from such a tiny addition.

– You can also see Kittie’s step by step photos of this type of card creation on her Window Card tutorial post on her own blog.


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I hope you have found my video helpful to create your own see thru window die cut card – try it out and let us know what you think!

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  1. Kittie, your window card is absolutely beautiful. Thank you kindly for demonstrating how to create it. You are very talented.

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