Winter Gnomes: The Perfect Holiday Card!

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Hey all, Cristina here with you today!  You know how much I love Gnomes! I am so excited that Rubbernecker Stamps has just released this week Winter Gnomes! They are so darn cute, and make the perfect holiday card! I love them to bits.

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I had to get them on a card right away so I could show them to you all. They are named Michael, Thomas, William, and Andre.

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I just lined them up as if they were standing for one of my mother-in-law’s photos at Christmas time haha! I needed some texture.. you know how I am so I used one of the new stencils in the background, Mixed Circles Stencil. Although the Mixed Circles Stencil looks more like bubbles to me so I love it. Two of my favorite things in the world… gnomes and bubbles!

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I also used some of my wooden snowflakes that I purchased 2 years ago thinking “ooo I can use this on…. ” but then never used them haha! So I rescued them from the jar they were in and put a few on this card. I am hoping to use a few more of them in the future.

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In one of the photos above you can see that I used some Nuvo drops. I love those as well they are so fun because you can make them any size that you want. I also used them on Winter Gnome Michael’s hat. I originally had colored them to look fuzzy like the brim of his hat but then I just had to use the Nuvo drops.

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The sentiment I used I thought was perfect for winter gnomes and Christmas alike. I used the “Magic of the season” sentiment. It is a bit older but it is a wonderful sentiment and one of my favorites for Christmas cards.

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I actually used 2 different die cuts to get this banner the right size for the sentiment. I first used the Stitched Tags to cut the sentiment out because the Stitched Banner die cuts were to short or to thick. But I still used the Stitched Banner die to do the flags end.

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Here is a little bit of a better look at the boy’s hats. I had so much fun coloring them. I love how the artist drew them making it easy to see where the folds in their hats would be for coloring.

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Here is one last good look at all of them together.

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The Copic markers I used for these cute winter gnomes are:

Reds: R05, 27, 29, 59
Greens: YG05, 03, 01, Y11
Oranges: YR12, 14
Blacks: C3, 5, 7
Fuzzy hat brims: C00, 1, 3
Beards: W4, 2
Blues: B00, 02

I enjoyed this card and making this post 🙂

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