This Z Fold Snowman Card Will Crack You Up!

Rubbernecker Blog Come-over-to-my-blog-to-see-how-I-made-this-Z-Fold-snowman-card.

Z Fold cards are fun because, like slimlines, they give you lots of extra space and today’s Z fold snowman card uses every inch! We bow down to Kittie Carraciolo, one of our Associate Designers, for this card that is not just loaded with delightful detail but, once you “get it”, brings a huge grin to your face!

Kittie uses TONS of our dies on her cards and we are always amazed at how her creative use of them adds so much detail to her projects. With this card, she has used multiple repeats of similar dies to create that rich, lush, full look. Take a look at your own collection and mentally note what things can be used in combination, like here with all the trees, to add that same look to your own projects. For instance, here Kittie has used two trees from our Tree in Oval die to add some visual weight to her forest.

In this card, too, she shares on of her PRO TIPS: To add that deckle snow strip in one continuous piece across the front of her three panels, Kittie cut her card stock at the full 11″, placed the die and ran it through her die cutting machine. She then lined the die up where the first cut ended and ran it through a second time to get that full length for her front panel.

And we just LOVE how she used up her “extras” from all her snowman projects. Some people keep every little piece for a future project and this is one of those projects where you will be SO happy you saved them all! Take a closer look:

Rubbernecker Blog Come-over-to-my-blog-to-see-how-I-made-this-colorful-Z-Fold-snowman-card.

RIGHT? Are you just chuckling away? Kittie did cut a few extras in colors to match her project but this idea is just so stinkin’ adorable!

Rubbernecker Blog Come-over-to-my-blog-to-see-how-I-made-this-fun-Z-Fold-snowman-card.

Speaking of saving pieces, Kittie might just be the Queen. She says “I have several dies with eyelet borders so I save the circles from those when I cut to use as snowflakes. I use the Gina K Connect glue to attach them instead of my favorite Glossy Accents as it dries perfectly clear in case some of the glue spills out from under the snowflakes.” Those tiny circles really are perfect snowflakes, aren’t they! So if anyone ever gives you any grief about being a scrap saver, show them this post! LOL!

You can all Kittie’s how-to details on her blog here and below are the things from our store that she used:

Rubbernecker Blog 5162-13D-2T
5162-13D Snowman Die Cut
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog 5165D-2T
5165D Tree in Oval
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog 5164D-2T
5164D Pine Tree Forest
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog 5162-07D-2T
5162-07D Wagon
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog 5173-02D-2T
5173-02D Deckle Hills Die Cut
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog 5147-06D-2T
Small Birds Die 5147-06D
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog 5162-04D-2T
5162-04D Tiny Leaves
[ RBB ]

Ready to try your own Z fold snowman card? Take a look at what you have, add anything you need to your shopping list, bookmark this post and give it a try!

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