Try Making Abstract Greeting Cards For Fall

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There’s no such thing as a “wrong” way to make abstract greeting cards!

Today Renee has created an example of Fall themed abstract greeting cards that shows that there is no wrong or right way to make these cards and they are ALL beautiful! Renee took the idea of Fall leaves on the ground and the turning colors of the season and used an abstract expression of that on her card focusing on simple shapes and autumn colors. All one has to do it look at this card and you know it’s to celebrate Fall. Let’s see how she created this pretty expression.

First, Renee blended some paler shades of blue ink over a piece of white card stock to create a pale sky. She then used our Autumn Harvest stamp set – a floral stamp set – to use the petals to represent her leaves at the bottom of her scene. She used inks from our Color Fuse Set #2 to add those warm brown touches. She also added in a metallic copper pigment ink to create a touch of reflective shading.

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She then used a stem stamp from one of her flower sets to create her tiny tree trunks. We love how she used one type of stamp to represent something different! First she stamped the trunks – the stems – with Cinnamon Color Fuse from Set #3. Because Renee was stamping over the blue inks and wanted her leaves to sit in front of that sky, she used pigment inks in light, dark and metallic greens to stamp her leaves – blossoms – onto her trees. She made sure to allow some of the stamping to go off the edges to emphasize the scope and scale of her design.

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All she had left was to add her sentiment which she simply stamped in the sky between her trees. So simple yet so very pretty!

One of the truly wonderful things about creating abstract greeting cards is that you can use whatever you like to express your vision and you can really never go wrong! Try this out and see what YOU come up with!

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