Could Color Fuse Be The Best Ink For Stamping?

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Read on to see the reasons our customers tell us Color Fuse is the best ink for stamping!

There are TONS of ink choices out there and we know that choosing the best ink for stamping is a highly personal decision. That said, we’ve received so many rave reviews about our Color Fuse Ink that we thought we should share some of the reasons we have so many people who have become total Color Fuse fanatics.

Here’s what Bea from Massachusetts had to say. “When you guys said that you formulated these colors to blend beautifully I thought ‘I’ve heard that before and I never get good results, so it must be me who can’t get it right’. Well, I got my first three color families and I almost was in tears when I saw how perfectly I was able to make my first truly beautiful ombre card!!  I went RIGHT to my computer and ordered the entire collection! Thank you for making me a better stamper just with this awesome ink!”

Then Natasha, who recently made her first post on our Rubbernecker Fans Facebook Page, created a STUNNING project and said this “I had so much fun with these gorgeous layering florals and the color fuse inks………..Rubbernecker Blog 2764  Rubbernecker Blog 2764  Rubbernecker Blog 2764  Rubbernecker Blog 2764  !!!!!!

Other comments:

“I love the Rubbernecker Color Fuse inks!! They are so versatile and the collection of colors!! I have them ALL now!!”

“I cannot STOP playing with my new ink! These colors are so beautiful all on their own but then when I use them with your layering stamps – holy COW! NO other ink line comes close in making flowers like these look so gorgeous.”

“Y’all weren’t kidding when you said you were so dang picky when y’all were choosing the colors in each grouping. Every last one of these is so perfectly matched up with it’s sisters and now ALL my cards look better just by using this new ink. THANK YOU!”

“I have every ink known to man (and woman) and I use lots of different ones for different looks. Since I got my Color Fuse set – I splurged and got them all – I use them a thousand times more than my others because it goes down so smooth and even AND because the colors are like none other. PLEASE put me on the list for when you come out with more colors – I will get EVERY SINGLE ONE!!!!”

Nothing makes us happier than when our customers love what we create for them to go and create. We’d like to share a few features and benefits that make our Color Fuse Inks so great.

1. We DID research and pore over and compare and swatch and stamp and paint with a kazillion colors to come up with the color families we created. We wanted each color to be beautiful enough to stand on its own yet still be able to harmonize with not just the colors in its assigned family but look just as gorgeous with other color in other color families. This wasn’t easy even though it was more than a little fun! And we do feel we did a pretty good job since the number one thing we hear from people is how much they love how beautifully all the colors work together.

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2. We tweaked the formula a LOT to make sure that not only would you get these beautiful colors every time but that they would last AND be the perfect consistency to lay down an even, smooth layer.

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3. We also made sure that formula would allow great watercolor coverage when swiped onto a craft mat and applied with a water brush. One of the things we made sure of was that the color would remain true as it was diluted – this is not the case with all inks, as we are are sure you’ve experienced with other inks. There’s nothing worse than having your green change color when you are painting your leaves! With Color Fuse, that won’t happen!

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4. We made sure these inks are portable and affordable. We chose the cube formation because we heard from our customers that this size is their favorite and we made sure our price point was in line with all the competition even though we knew that these would be extremely popular. (We did, in fact, sell out of them in half the time we thought we would!)

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If you haven’t tried Color Fuse Ink yet, we worry that you are missing out on an amazing stamping experience. We suggest you choose your absolute favorite color and get just one set. Try it out, see what you think and prepare yourself for what it’s like to use some of the best ink for stamping you can get your hands on!

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  1. I LOVE these inks so much!!!!! These inks got me hooked on layering stamps!!!!! The colors are beautiful and work so well together!!!!! Thank you for an amazing collection!!!!!

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