Brand New Rubbernecker Dies and Papers!

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See the brand new Rubbernecker dies and papers released today!

We are at it again! You just have to scroll down and see all the brand new Rubbernecker dies and papers we are releasing today. We’ve got some great Halloween stuff, some accessories for popular die sets, pretty nature elements and more of the fabulous Paper Pads you are all snapping up as fast as we can stock them!

Let’s take a look at everything!

First up, let’s feast our eyes on the new Paper Pads from our KittieKraft line, products where our resident Associate Designer Kittie Caracciolo helps choose and design stamp sets, dies and now papers that are all simply gorgeous!

Check out her Harvest Time Paper Pad

Rubbernecker Blog Harvest-time-cover-art-500x500
Click on the pics below to see them larger and up close and personal!

Rubbernecker Blog 1-Harvest-time-150x150      Rubbernecker Blog 2-Harvest-time-150x150     Rubbernecker Blog 3-Harvest-time-150x150

Next we have our Festive Farmhouse Paper Pad

Rubbernecker Blog Festive-Farmhouse-cover-art-500x500

Again, click away to see them larger!

Rubbernecker Blog 1-Festive-Farmhouse-150x150      Rubbernecker Blog 2-Festive-Farmhouse-150x150      Rubbernecker Blog 3-Festive-Farmhouse-150x150

And last, our new Country Christmas Paper Pad

Rubbernecker Blog Country-Christmas-cover-art-500x500

Rubbernecker Blog 1-Country-Christmas-150x150     Rubbernecker Blog 2-Country-Christmas-150x150     Rubbernecker Blog 3-Country-Christmas-150x150

Are you OVER THE MOON? These papers are all so perfectly suited in size and scale for cards and the card stock weight makes every sheet perfect for layering, die cutting or tearing to reveal a snow white core perfect for inking. Grab one, grab them all – you WILL use them!

Next up, three sets that you can use with sets already in the store to add even more creative opportunities to something you either already have or for sure will want to add to your wishlist!

Introducing our Owl Birthday Add-On. These super cute little celebratory characters can be made using this new die set with our very popular Build an Owl Die set. If you are new to these feathered friends, make sure you check out our Owl Halloween Add-Ons Die set and our Owl Christmas Add-Ons set. We love that you all love these so much and love coming up with new accessories for these adorable owls.

Rubbernecker Blog 5335-04D-Owl-Birthday-parts-color-wm-002-383x500

Another die set that we suspected would be popular but got tons of love is our Tabbed House Die set. We introduced this not too long ago and offered the Snow Accessories set with it. Well! Clearly you all were looking for a pretty house and way to dress it up so we’ve released both our new accessory sets NOW so you can have even more options to customize your cards.

First our Spring House Accessories set lets you add all that pretty foliage and flowers that come with the fresh season:

Rubbernecker Blog 5516-03D-House-accessoies-2-color-wm-500x395

And for right now, our Halloween House Accessories set adds all the fun Halloween details:

Rubbernecker Blog 5516-04D-House-accessoies-3-color-wm-476x500

Speaking of Halloween, we always have to add a little somethin’ somethin’ extra for this fun day. We have our Witch Hat and Cauldron die set:

Rubbernecker Blog 5518-02D-color-wm-500x367

And then our fun Spooky Hand die!

Rubbernecker Blog 5518-01D-Sppoky-Hand-color-wm-468x500

Speaking of “spooky” here’s a new die that go from dark and imposing to delicate and darling – our new Fancy Fence die set has tons of details and we can see it on SO many different scenes!

Rubbernecker Blog 5517-02D-fancy-fence-color-wm-500x204

Based on how fast our other bird sets “fly” out of here, we wanted to add a new breed to the collection and so we give you our Hummingbirds Die and our Hummingbird Feeder Die.

Rubbernecker Blog 5506-05D-color-wm-371x500  Rubbernecker Blog 5506-04D-color-wm-345x500

As a nod to the Fall season, we offer a new Leaf Trio die, perfect for mixing with so many of our other fall dies

Rubbernecker Blog 5510-06D-Leaf-Trio-color-wm-500x498

and a pretty Wooden Bench Swing die – imagine sitting here in the cool air watching all the leaves drift to the ground.

Rubbernecker Blog 5517-01D-wooden-bench-swing-color-wm-487x500

Our previously released Western themed dies were very popular and so many people asked us to make more designs. So we did!

Our Saddle and Wagon Wheel Die set will let you create those quintessential elements of the wild West

Rubbernecker Blog 5424-07D-saddle-and-wagon-wheel-color-wm-002-489x500

and you can add even more classic elements with our new Cowboy Boots and Hat die set.

Rubbernecker Blog 5424-06D-Cowboy-boots-and-hat-color-wm-002-496x500

To add a true Native American twist to our Western images, we created a Kokopelli die set to help you create authentic Western scenes on your cards.

Rubbernecker Blog 5424-05D-kokopelli-color-wm-500x471        

And last, for artistic fun, we added this Drips and Splatters die set to give you some fun, graphic elements to add to all kinds of card designs.

Rubbernecker Blog 5518-03D-Drips-and-splatters-color-wm-500x214     

Not only is it exciting to share these brand new dies and papers from Rubbernecker but we are also offering 5% off all your new die and papers purchases through midnight CST on Saturday, September 24th. This is in addition to your Gold Status discounts so make your list and get your order in!

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