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Frog with Balloons

Rubbernecker Blog Ann-Marie-using-Frogs-with-Balloons

As the year is just starting again, we are reminded of all the wonderful birthday’s that are coming. To get us started on Birthday cards this year, Ann-Marie had some great fun with Frog with Balloons (637-03).  To go along with Frog with Balloons she used the sentiment Hoppy Hoppy (636-01) which is just so very cute.  Ann-Marie gave the sentiment a bit of texture using Freehand Frame Set (950), then cut it out perfectly using the matching Freehand Frame Die Cut Set […]

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Butterflies are Free with Ann-Marie Johansson

Rubbernecker Blog AnnMarie-Johansson-using-Butterflies-are-free

You don’t normally see butterflies during the winter time. However, Ann-Marie has made such a beautiful card with Butterflies Are Free (3020), you could use it anytime of the year. The blue Color Bursts she used makes a beautiful winter or summer time card. Ann-Marie actually used our Glacier White Embossing Powder (whiteemboss) to emboss the butterflies first. Then she used Ken Oliver Color Burst 6 Pack Set Liquid Metals Precious Alloys (imset-2) and Ken Oliver Color Burst 6 Pack Set Rich Moroccan […]

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Rosie in Purples

Rubbernecker Blog Keri-Parish-using-Rosie

Do you ever just want to make a sassy little card? Rosie (758-06) and Keri can help you do that. This is a great card even for a man… for those that are married or in a relationship know you have said this if not just thought this to your other half before. The Flying Monkeys (475-02) is a great sentiment that you can use for several kinds of cards. Keri made took this sentiment and made it very fun!  Rosie […]

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Card With Beautiful Scripture from Johnn

Rubbernecker Blog Ann_Marie-Johansson-using-Rubbernecker-Stamps-John-318-1050-13

Ann-Marie made us a very lovely card this week. Ann-Marie made 1 John 3:18  (1050-13) really stand out. While the card is very simple, there is still technique with Ken Oliver Color Bursts (107) to be done in order to make it. She made something very clean look very fantastic and stunning.  If you would like to get these stamps you can always click the names of the stamps and it will take you directly to where they are located […]

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Happy 2017 Harvest / Halloween From Rubbernecker!

Rubbernecker Blog Happy-Halloween

Happy Harvest/ Halloween everyone!   We hope that your day is filled with fun and spooktacular inspiration. We know people are sometimes busy today, getting candy for trick or treat kiddos or getting ready to take the kiddos out for some trick or treat fun.  Not everyone trick or treat’s anymore, sometimes they have parties or other functions they go to. What do you do for Halloween? Trick or treat? Harvest parties? Halloween parties? Whatever your delight is tonight to […]

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Make a Friends Card With Gorgeous Iris Stamps!

Rubbernecker Blog Keri-Parish

Keri made us a beautiful, vintage looking card with Iris Fancy (1021) today. The card looks so elegant the way she used the Ken Oliver Color Bursts, then cut Iris Fancy with it’s matching Iris Fancy die cut (1021D). She did a great job placing her embellishments on the card to make her sentiment from Best Friends Etc (3032) fit in and not look like it is just hanging in it’s spot. Everything about her card is beautiful!  

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Monochromatic Rubbernecker Challenge #17

Rubbernecker Blog RNchallenge17

We had so much fun looking at all the outstanding back to school cards with the last challenge. Now we get to celebrate with you! But we are going to get a little challenging for some folks this round.  Our theme this round is going to be: Monochromatic Now onto the team inspiration!!  Lisbeth Bergtsson using Kalina (784-03), Smiles and think of you (504-06), Color Bursts (p/cbset-4)   Ruza Rebel using Two Tone (567-05), Happy Birthday (565-23), and Nested Rectangle Stitch […]

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Back To School Rubbernecker Challenge #16

Rubbernecker Blog RNC-16

We had so much fun looking at all the outstanding Invitation cards with the last challenge. But for a lot of parents out there, their little ones are going back to school. They may need cards for teachers, or to encourage kids to go back. Whatever the case may be, let’s have some fun with our inspiration! Our inspiration this week is coming from a couple of our new team members Jamie and Lisbeth. They are dedicated to bringing you […]

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Color Bursts + Silhouette Floral = GORGEOUS!

Rubbernecker Blog Ann-Marie-Johansson-using-Floral-June-30

Ann-Marie created a gorgeous background for us. She used Ken Oliver’s Color Bursts (107), making the Floral (496-10) stamp really stand out on her card. She also used the sentiment Best Wishes Etc. (3029) turning this amazing card into a thank you card is really going to put a smile on someone’s face. If you do make anything with this stamp or anything from Rubbernecker Stamps please feel free to share them with us on the Rubbernecker Facebook page!  

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Butterflies Are Free with Ann-Marie Johansson

Rubbernecker Blog Ann-Maire-Johansson-using-Butterflies-are-Free-3020

You always hear people say “it’s amazing what a splash of color will do”. Ann-Marie has taken that phrase and shown us exactly what it will do, while using Butterflies Are Free (3020) stamp set and matching die cuts.  She makes it look beautiful using Ken Oliver’s Color Bursts. The sentiment Ann-Marie used comes with the Butterflies Are Free stamp set. It works so well with the card that she made, anyone’s heart would be touched to get this card. […]

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Sunset Poppies

Rubbernecker Blog Myndi-Fraser-using-Sunset-Poppies-1003

What a beautiful way to wake up on a Monday morning! Sunset Poppies (1003) are so breath taking on Myndi’s card, you can’t help to be happy seeing these first thing today. She made them bright and beautiful using Ken Oliver’s Color Bursts, the brights set.  We can always count on Mydni for amazing watercolor cards, she does such a magnificent job.  The sentiment Myndi used is wonderful. It is from the stamp set Freehand Border Phrase Set (900). It […]

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Leaves and Twigs Resist Emboss

Rubbernecker Blog Melanie-Labelle-using-Leaves-and-Twigs

Leaves and Twigs (3021) is a very pretty stamp set, as you can see from the card Melanie has made for us today. This card is beautiful. It is gorgeous with all the different colors and layers that the card has. Melanie made all the blues and the greens work perfectly together. The sentiment she used is actually from our Splatter Stains (3006) stamp set. It is part of the backgrounds that goes with the set. It looks fantastic how […]

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Butterflies Are Free with Ann-Marie!

Rubbernecker Blog Ann-Marie-Johansson-using-Daisies-and-Butterflies

Butterflies Are Free (3020) is another new clear stamp set that is online and out at all the shows right now. It is such a beautiful set. Ann-Marie brings it to life even more with the beauty of her coloring. The way she has colored the butterflies really makes them pop out from the background. Ann-Marie’s background is outstanding! She used Ken Oliver’s Color Bursts for the background with embossed Daises (699). It came out magnificently. It looks so beautiful […]

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Color Bursts Birthday for Necie

Rubbernecker Blog Ann-Marie-Johansson-using-Necie

Ann-Marie has a very fun card for us today using a great technique. She used the Ken Oliver’s Color Bursts for a Splatter Art technique. This can be very messy but very fun to do.  It looks as if she had a bit of both while making her inspiration for this week, but it came out amazing! She used Necie (783-02) on the card and almost looks like the stamp came out looking like it could have been used as […]

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Splash Party!

Rubbernecker Blog Keri-Parish-using-Splash-Party

Keri got to be the first one on the team to have fun using the new watercolor stamp Splash Party (1017). This is a 3 part stamp, yes you read that correctly. The bodies and the water are one part. The beaks are another part, and the last part are the legs. She used Ken Oliver’s Color Bursts for the color on the card and Rubbernecker watercolor paper. So all in all while you might think it is hard, it […]

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Every Life Flowers

Rubbernecker Blog Angela-Kelley-using-Every-Day-Life

Angela made us a beautiful Color Bursts bouquet of flowers today. She used the lovely sentiment Every Life (642-03) that is bound to bring encouragement to someone that receives it.  Her flowers she made from the Color Bursts would make someone smile as well.  Angela is also very good about using the background stamps that we have. This card she used Les Miserables (673). It looks as if she even used Les Miserables a little bit on the flowers as […]

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Coffee Time with Angela

Rubbernecker Blog Angela-Kelley-using-Coffeetime

It’s Coffee Time (458) with Angela Kelley! Who doesn’t love a good Coffee Time… or in some cases tea. Angela has created a great card for us today with her fantastic colors. Everything looks so lovely with the Scuffs Scraps and Stains set (461). The card is just beautiful! Don’t forget to come back every day and check out what we have that is new and inspiring from our ladies. If you would like to get these stamps you can […]

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Just Because

Rubbernecker Blog Ann-Marie-Johnansson

Just Because (30217) is a beautiful sentiment. Ann-Marie made this great card in honor for all the wonderful people with autism. She used the gorgeous colors of the Ken Oliver’s Color Bursts. She is just a master at the color bursts with everything she makes. Ann-Marie also used the stamp called Be Yourself (895-02) coloring just one blue showing the individuality and how amazing it is to just be yourself. She has a great layout with the easel card. Don’t […]

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Sleepy Hollow Tree

Rubbernecker Blog Ann-Marie-Johansson-for-Rubbernecker-Stamps-using-Sleep-Hallow-Tree

Our designer Ann-Marie did an amazing job with the Sleepy Hollow Tree (590) and the Ken Oliver’s Color Bursts.  The inspiration that Ann-Marie has given us today is jaw dropping. The colors that she used to put the whole thing together is beautiful. You can do the same thing with the Color Bursts as well. She used a beautiful sentiment to go along with the amazing tree that she made called Imagine With All (582-23). The font for this sentiment […]

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Watercolor Wow with Fall Foliage

Rubbernecker Blog Keri-Parish-for-Rubbernecker-Stamps-using-Fall-Foliage

Fall Foliage (924) is a beautiful stamp. Our designer Keri Parish has done an excellent job bringing this stamp set to life.  She used a combination of  the Ken Oliver’s Color Bursts, and our own watercolor paper to make the colors to blend so well. She did a fantastic job with all of it. The paper that Keri used along with her buttons really keep the Fall Foliage stamp the center of attention. The paper really brings out the colors […]

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