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Hello our Copic coloring friends – we hope you are interested in some Copic marker tips that will help you get excellent results every time. Today we have our designer, Michelle, doing a little coloring on Murray with Catch, from the “Old Characters” collection. There is a whole team of these silly characters and wonderful phrases and statements to go along with them! We hope you’ve been following along with us all week as we feature these fun-loving characters that always make us giggle. If not, head back to the blog to check it out. All these Characters are 10% off right now, so make sure you shop now

Michelle is sharing some great tips for coloring up Murray beautifully. There will be a fun video next week that you will have to come back and check out. Until then, see her tips below. 

So first, Michelle suggests starting to color Murray’s skin with a blue violet (BV20). Sounds crazy, right? But this “under coat” will help to add just a faint whiff of gray to the additional layers, helping to create that look of age that comes with being a mature gentleman like Murray!

She then used three earth tones; light over everything, (E50) midtone to add shadows and shaping to his face and arms (E11) and then the third, deepest shade in the shadows (E13). Now, use those markers in reverse to help blend all the shades together.

Here’s a great PRO TIP: Because the light would be passing through Murray’s glasses and thus his skin would have a different tone to it, she used only the two lightest earth shades. This really makes him look real, doesn’t it?

Michelle then brought his lips and cheeks to life using some peach and rose (E93 and E04).

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Now we are going to dress him up! She colored the fish and the vest with the same shade (E81). PRO TIP: The E8 series of colors have a mossy green tint to them so they are great for when you want to bridge between browns and greens. She added some shading with a deeper shade (E84) and used an even darker shade (E87) to just barely add some deeper shadows. This really amps up the 3D look!

Then she used a blue green (BG53) to add some brightness to Murray’s BIG catch!

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Now she took a light blue green (BG93) and colored in his wading boots and added a dash of this to the fish to tone down and blend out that brighter shade. PRO TIP: Use your mid-toned shades to held “marry” colors. Then she added more shape to his waters (BG96) and used the two colors interchangeably to blend them together for a truly seamless look!

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Here are the supplies used to make this adorable card:

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Murray is such fun character and would be perfect on a card for “Grandparents Day” in September.  Don’t have time to color him up now? Pin him for later and be sure to follow us on Pinterest and Instagram for more inspiration! And save these Copic marker tips somewhere handy for your next coloring session!

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