Copic Skin Colors Video Tutorial!

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Yay – today we are sharing that promised Copic skin colors video tutorial! If you didn’t check out last weeks post, do so now so you can get excited for the incredible lessons shared today that demonstrate a wonderful technique for coloring dark skin tones with Copic markers.

Here’s a peek at that beautiful project:

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Our designer has done a great job walking us through the steps to achieve a smooth and beautifully realistic image. This technique can work with all shades, but is pure magic when working with darker hues which can be a challenge to get the radiance and luminous look our designer has created for us here.

This is a must see for any Copic-addict. Check it out! 

We hope you enjoyed this Copic skin colors video tutorial and encourage you to tag us in any projects you make using these new tips so we can celebrate your skills!. Follow us on Instagram and Pinterest and YouTube for more inspiration! 

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