Make a Beautiful Fall Leaf Collage Card!

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Today’s fall leaf collage card uses easy ink blending and pretty leaf dies for a fast and fabulous project!

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One thing we absolutely ADORE about this fall leaf collage card is that no matter how you make it – whatever colors you use, whatever background paper you choose, whatever leaf shapes you love – this card will look spectacular! Carol, as always, is sharing all her delicious details so we can follow along with her as she shows us how she put this together.

  • First choose various Color Fuse inks in autumn colors. The colors used for this card are in the following photo.
  • Cut a large piece of Strathmore Bristol Smooth cardstock. Mine was about 9″ x 5″. (The extra smooth surface of this cardstock makes it very easy to ink blend onto.)
  • Use an ink blending brush for each color family of ink.
  • Blend the Color Fuse inks over the cardstock in random patterns. Keep in mind that we are using the Leaf Trio Die and these leaves are not large, so keep your splotches of inks somewhat smaller.
  • Use a piece of scrap paper to place between your fingers and the inked area or you will end up with ink all over your fingers. Ask me how I know–LOL! (The ink takes just a bit longer to dry on this smooth cardstock.)
  • Here is what the cardstock looked like after all of the ink blending.
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  • Die cut three pieces of white cardstock with the Window w/Reverse Scallop Die.
  • Use glue to adhere the layers together and set aside to dry.
  • Begin placing the three Leaf Trio Dies onto the cardstock to run through your die cutting machine. Try to place the dies so that they are overlapping multiple colors.
  • Continuing die cutting the leaves until all of the cardstock is used.
  • Cut a piece of striped cardstock from the Harvest Time paper pad to 3-¾” X 5″.
  • Plan the placement of the die cut leaves on the striped cardstock. Start in the center and work out to the edges, getting the leaves as close as possible.
  • This next photo shows when I began to glue the leaves down.
  • Glue the larger trimmed pieces around the edges to fill in where needed.
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  • We will trim off the part of the leaves that hang off of the cardstock and use some of them to place onto the other edges to fill it in.
  • As you are gluing the leaves down be sure to mix up the various colors so that all of one shade of leaves aren’t all together.
  • Save about five of the leaves for later.
  • Trim all of the excess off of the edges.
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  • Next die cut three pieces of white cardstock with the top layer of the Thanks Word w/Shadow die.
  • Use glue to adhere the layers together.
  • Die cut the Thanks shadow from orange cardstock in the Harvest Time paper pad.
  • Glue the top layer of Thanks to the shadow layer. Set aside to dry.
  • Die cut the third smallest Nested Oval Small Stitch die from white cardstock.
  • Use the rest of the orange cardstock and trim it to 4-¼” x 5-½”.
  • Now we have all of the elements ready to layer onto an A2 card base.
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  • Adhere the Window w/Reverse Scallop die to the Leaf Trio Die collage with glue.
  • Next glue the piece to the orange cardstock layer.
  • Then glue those layers to your A2 card base.
  • Glue one leaf behind the die cut oval on the left side and two more more on top. (See photos of finished card for an example.)
  • Adhere the oval to the center of the card.
  • Glue two more leaves to the bottom right of the oval.
  • Add small pieces of foam tape to the back of the sentiment to adhere it to the oval. (Tip: use your teflon scissors to cut your foam tape to fit in the narrow places of the sentiment.)
  • Tie a double twine bow and use a glue dot to adhere it onto the center of the two leaves on the oval.
  • If desired, add a few gem stickers around the sentiment.
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Rubbernecker here again – isn’t that just so beautiful? We love how flexible it is and how you don’t have to be “professional grade” to make this project look this spectacular. And it’s so versatile that you can change your sentiment or simply stamp something on the oval and have an excellent all occasion card. Let’s have another look!

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Here are the items Carol used from our store today – grab what you don’t already have so you can use this card all season long!

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If you need a project that can be used for just about any card sending purpose for the many coming weeks, this fall leaf collage card is practically perfect!

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