A Pretty Flower Card Idea From Kittie

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Not you average “basic” flower card idea and perfect for so many occasions.

I think we can agree that most anything Kittie shares with us isn’t exactly what we would call basic and this flower card idea is no exception. That said, the design of the card is straightforward and it’s all the pretty details Kittie has added that make this stand out. You can see the whole project and all her delicious tips and tricks on her blog here and we want to share some highlights to get you inspired to check this out.

First, Kittie created a double matted frame with a lattice background. You can do this with any dies you like and obviously in any color combinations. PRO TIP: Remember that the largest die should be used on the topmost layer, graduating downward in size toward your focal element.

Now Kittie used our Slimline Insert Circle Lattice die to make her background panel and on her blog she shares her trick for using it to make a wide enough die cut to cover a standard card. It’s so easy and now you can double your usage of these gorgeous dies that add so much texture and WOW to a card!

Kittie also uses her foam tape liberally on this card and not just to arrange her flowers. Using dimensional adhesive to add your frames in varying degrees of depth creates lots of shadows and really pulls people “into” the scene.

To learn how Kittie assembles flowers you just have to check out her Paper Flower Bouquet Video Part One  and then see how she did the foliage in her Paper Flower Bouquet Video Part Two.  (Today’s bouquet was made using only two of the flowers you will see in the video with sightly different foliage but the instructions are exactly the same.) People who watch these videos have reported to us that they just CANNOT pass up Kittie’s whole flower line so be warned!

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Here are the items Kittie used to make this pretty, all-occasion card:

Rubbernecker Blog 3411-2T
3411 Kittie Says Spring time
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog 5003D-2T
Nested Rectangle Die Cut Set 5003D
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog 5332-01D-2T
5332-01D SLI Circle Lattice Die
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog 5401-04D-2T
5401-04D Large Garden Pots Die
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog 5402-01D-2T
5402-01D Tulips and Stems Die
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog 5402-05D-2T
5402-05D Canterbury Bells and Stems
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog 5162-02D-2T
5162-02D Large Ivy
[ RBB ]
Paper Blossom Tool Kit 4/Pkg
[ RBB ]
Paper Blossoms Molding Mat
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog VF-C-NOCTURNE-2T
Versafine Clair Nocturne Pad
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog GLOSSY-ACCENTS-.5OZ-2T
Glossy Accents .5oz
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog TAPE-GLIDER-2T
Scotch Advanced Tape Glider & Tape
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog ST.125X27YD-2T
Scor-Tape .125″X27yd
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog CO2-2T
Crossover II Fabric & Paper Cutting…
[ RBB ]

This flower card idea is a serious keeper because you can use all the basic structure – the frames, the detailed die cut background, the floral arrangement – to make all kinds of cards with all kinds of flowers and just about any greeting you choose. What do you think?

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