Handmade Fall Greeting Cards to WOW!

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These handmade fall greeting cards are little works of art and are truly fun to make!

We’ve been sharing plenty of ideas for and examples of handmade Fall greeting cards and we would be totally remiss if we didn’t share this one from Kittie’s blog. Kittie says “You all know I love flowers – I even designed a line of my own dies to make them – and I think flowers in fall colors are just as gorgeous as their spring and summer counterparts.” Looking at this card, we can’t imagine there’s a person out there who would disagree!

Kittie used several of those dies from white and bright yellow card stock and then added her own shading and coloring using our Color Fuse Inks. You can see how this small step add so much to those elements and Kittie shares in one of her PRO TIPS that using a brighter shade of yellow as the base color lets any color that peeks through really pop as a highlight!

In her post, Kittie shares a great video showing how to arrange all her parts and pieces and it’s well worth checking out!

She then set this arrangement into a beautifully layered card panel made using textured white on white panels and die cuts to give these classic fall elements center stage.

Kittie finished off her card with some gentle shaping with her fingers and that beautiful hint of sparkle to glam up her realistic miniature beauties.

Rubbernecker Blog KC-Rubbernecker-5334-06D-Jack-o-lanterns-1-close-582x640

We love how Kittie created this so that those beautiful fall colors just POP against the all white background.  Here are the items Kittie used to make this stunner so pull them out or add them to your card if you are game to try making this card!

Rubbernecker Blog 5030D-2T
Nested Oval Scallop Die Cut 5030D
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog 5004D-2T
Nested Oval Die Cut Set 5004D
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog 5402-02D-2T
5402-02D Gentian and Stems Die
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog 5402-03D-2T
5402-03D Buchnera and Stems Die
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog 5402-04D-2T
5402-04D Classic Flower and Stems
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog 5404D-2T
5404D Branches and Leaves Die
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog 5334-06D-2T
5334-06D Jack-o-lanterns Die
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog 5403D-2T
5403D Half Tree Die
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog CF-SET4-2T
Color Fuse Set #4
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog CF-SET2-2T
Color Fuse Set #2
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog CF-SET10-2T
Color Fuse Set #10
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog CF-SET3-2T
Color Fuse Set #3
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog CO2-2T
Crossover II Fabric & Paper Cutting…
[ RBB ]

When you think about it, there are just as many reasons to send handmade fall greeting cards as there are any other time of the year – why not make your fall flower cards as spectacular as any other season using this inspiration from Kittie?

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