Handmade Kite Card

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Making this handmade kite card on this vertical slimline layout was so much fun.  The tall card provides lots of space for the tree and the kites flying in the sky.  I used grass, flowers and a fence at the bottom of the card to balance the scene.  I used the new  Slimline Scallop with Holes, Winter Tree, Kite, Grass, Picket Fence, Garden Stems, Spring Leaves, Small Flowers #3 and Sun Moon.

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The Slimline Card Base and Scene Layer

  • Cut a white 8.50″ x 7.00″ piece of cardstock,  score it at 3.50″ and fold.
  • Use white cardstock to cute the scallop slimline piece.
  • Mask off the edges of the slimline piece with masking tape.
  • Use Beachside ink , cloud template and a blender brush to apply the cloudy sky background.
  • Remove the masking tape, apply strips of mounting tape to the back of the layer and attach it to the card base.

The Tree

  • Cut the tree using Kraft cardstock and the leaves using green cardstock.
  • Apply Antique Linen ink to the tree by swiping the pad directly over the cardstock.
  • Form the leaves using the molding pad and leaf tool.
  • Attach the leaves to the tree branches using using glossy accents.
  • Attach the tree to the card base using rolled up strips of double stick tape and rolled up glue dots.

Rubbernecker Blog KC-Rubbernecker-5322-03D-Slimline-Solid-Scallop-w-Holes-1-center--371x640

The Grass, Flowers and Fence

  • Cut a grass section using green cardstock and a fence section using white cardstock.
  • Attach the fence to the back of the grass section using double stick tape.
  • Apply a strip of mounting tape to the grass-fence section and attach it to the card base.
  • Cut the garden stems using green cardstock and the flowers using red and yellow cardstock.
  • Form the flowers using a small tipped stylus and molding pad.
  • Attach the flowers to the garden stems using glossy accents.
  • Tuck the flower stems in behind the grass and attach using glossy accents.

The Kites and Sun

  • Cut the sun using bright yellow cardstock and attach it to the top of the card using glossy accents.  Note:  I normally pop the sun up on mounting tape but for this I wanted the sun to appear behind the popped up kite.
  • Cut the kite three times using bright yellow, teal and red cardstock.
  • Mix and match the colors to create the three kits and attach the pieces together using glossy accents. Note:  The kite tails can be used in either direction and look more natural if alternated on the kites. 
  • Finish by attaching the kits in the sky using pieces of mounting tape. 

Rubbernecker Blog KC-Rubbernecker-5322-03D-Slimline-Solid-Scallop-w-Holes-1-left-378x640

It’s pretty hot out right now so you may have more fun staying in and making a handmade kite card.  Rubbernecker has so many dies that make it fun and easy to create cards like this.  And, I can’t say enough about how much fun I am having playing with the new Slimline Dies.  Did you get a chance to see my Slimline Beach Card that I posted a few days ago?  Oh, and I hope you have seen Lisa’s wonderful Slimline Summer Card and  Jamie’s Slimline Cards – Colorful New Ideas card.  I sure do appreciate you coming by and I hope you get a chance to play with your dies today.  Have a great day.

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