Humorous Greeting Cards – Plus 10% Off!

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If you love to make humorous greeting cards, we have a post for you today!

How many of you own at least ONE Rubbernecker Stamp with these cute “Old Characters” on them? These have been around for so long, but always make us laugh. They pair well with many phrases and can be used for so many occasions. With Grandparents Day on September 13th, we thought we would show off these fun stamps with a project roundup from our Designers over the years. We also have marked them all 10% off this week, so stock up HERE

Let’s take a look at some of the truly funny cards we’ve collected using our beloved “Old Characters”!

First, we’ve got Ralph enjoying a day on the links!

Rubbernecker Blog RNCards-212
Here’s Ethel bemoaning something we are sure many of us have thought!

Rubbernecker Blog RNCards-216
Here’s Ethel laying down some TRUTH!

Rubbernecker Blog RNCards-217
Ralph laying it all out for us.

Rubbernecker Blog RNCards-219
Ooh – another day of golfing for Ralph!

Rubbernecker Blog RNCards-221
Aww, Murray is doing his best!

Rubbernecker Blog RNCards-224
We say “You brag about that, Ethel!”

Rubbernecker Blog RNCards-225
Ethel again with an excellent observation!

Rubbernecker Blog RNCards-318
That Ethel! She sure can say it!

Rubbernecker Blog RNCards-325
We all know someone who feels this way!

Rubbernecker Blog RNCards-475
Murray sends his best wishes!

Rubbernecker Blog Marilyn-Scheller-using-Murray-with-Catch-stamp
Ethel, cracking us up again – she has a point!

Rubbernecker Blog Rae-Ann-Beyerl-using-Ethel-in-Leotard
Maybe Ethel is making some of those recipes she mentioned above?

Rubbernecker Blog Photo-Nov-21-4-12-44-PM

Oh, now Edna is chiming in!

Rubbernecker Blog Lisbeth-Bengtsson-using-Edna-in-the-morning-562-06
Oh here’s Ethel again with more coffee wisdom – she’s one smart lady!

Rubbernecker Blog Rae-Ann-Beyerl-using-Rubbernecker-Stamps-Ethel-with-Coffee

The great thing about these “Old Characters” is the expressions on their faces and their poses really let you go to town with all the cute or funny or snarky saying you have. We love humorous greeting cards and these are perfect for your friends of any age!

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