Meet Our Design Team Members One on One – Julie Warner!

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Meet the members of the Rubbernecker Design Team 2023!

Joining us now is the incredibly talented Julie Warner who always has a surprise up her (inky) sleeve!

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Julie Warner is our Associate Designer who is actually the artist behind the coloring of our product artwork for packaging. The next time you pick up one of our goodies and marvel at how FUN they look you can thank Julie for her fabulous eye!

Julie is a Texan now living in northern Georgia and says she HAS to always in creative mode with art, music, decoupage, knitting or any other fun creative activity. Julie started stamping “way back in high school art class” where she carved her own stamps out of erasers and linoleum blocks! She started her own rubber stamp collection before anyone really knew what to do with them and rest is history!

Julie says the only downside to her ever growing collection of creative goodies is that she wishes the space to store everything would expand along with the supplies themselves! Don’t we ALL!

Julie has shared so many of her gorgeous projects here on our blog and she can always be counted on to share a fun tip, trick or design idea that makes crafting that much more fun so be sure to check out her posts!

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