Beautiful Cards Made with Ink Blending

Rubbernecker Blog Birthday-Flower-Girl-Card-by-Annie-Williams-for-Rubbernecker-Flat

See some cards made with ink blending and how truly easy it can be!

Yes, our designers are professional grade and are able to achieve beautiful effects often with more ease than us civilians. But with our Color Fuse Ink and the right tools, cards made with ink blending effects is totally within reach of even the most novice stamper.

Here’s the card that got us on this kick:

Rubbernecker Blog eZy-Watermark_25-02-2022_05-51-15PM-1000x1000

You all LOVED this card when it came out earlier this year and with that beautiful, glowy background, we can see why!

Here’s another card that uses the same technique in cooler colors:

Rubbernecker Blog eZy-Watermark_22-11-2022_08-14-06PM-4-1000x1000

Both just stunning, no? And while there ARE other inks that let you blend well, we spent extra time and effort with our ink formulators to make absolutely sure our Color Fuse Inks would blend beautifully. We made sure the consistency and composition of the ink would just marry with no blotches or lines and we drove the color people NUTS making sure every shade in every set had the exact right balance so the shades would melt into each other.

Now, most of our designers love using those super soft blending brushes but really any of your favorite applicators will work to blend these inks in a way that creates these soft, luscious effects.

Here’s a gorgeous card that uses just one shade of ink blended over a pierced background:

Rubbernecker Blog Sweetest-Day-IMG4043

Just LOOK at all that texture you create just with ink! Here’s another card that uses that same trick:

Rubbernecker Blog IMG_4262-1000x1000

And cards made with ink blending don’t have to be all in the same color family either. Feast your eyes on this multicolored beauty of a stenciled card!

Rubbernecker Blog IMG_0851-1000x1000

Ombre has NOT been the same for many of you, based on all the lovely emails and messages we get from you about our inks. And that makes us SO happy! (Check back for a separate discussion about ombre – it’s so popular and so incredibly beautiful.)

You can see tons and tons of cards made with ink blending here so if this is something you’ve wanted to try out and are looking for inspiration, we’ve got you! And if you are a pro, take a peek for some tantalizing temptation to sit down and play!

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