New From Rubbernecker June 2022!

See what’s new from Rubbernecker June 2022!

Just in time for summer fun, our new from Rubbernecker June 2022 release is PACKED with fun summer images plus a super secret bonus set that you’ve been asking us to make just for you!

Let’s get started in checking out all the fun new items!

First we have our Under the Sea sets. These were so cute and so fun to make and we wanted to add lots of little additional details we just couldn’t stop at one set. If you were at the Orlando show you saw how they were SWIMMING off the shelves so we expect these to be very popular.

Vitamin Sea

Rubbernecker Blog 3495-05-Under-the-sea-set-1-color-wm-333x500

and Every Summer #2

Rubbernecker Blog 3495-06-Under-the-sea-set-2-color-wm-333x500

And then we felt like a third set using this same artistic style would make us happy so we created our new

Summer Penguins

Rubbernecker Blog 35014-summer-penguins-color-wm-501x1000

Then because we are coming up on the Fourth of July, we wanted to add some fireworks to the mix. We made sure we added three different styles of these starbursts so you have tons of opportunities to add excitement to your projects.

4th Of July Fireworks

Rubbernecker Blog 35012-4th-of-july-fireworks-color-wm-308x500

Then, because it wouldn’t be a new Rubbernecker release without something floral, we added a new layered flower set that has a whopping THIRTY pieces to let you create endless variations of rich, detailed, ready-to-pick flowers. Introducing…..

Daisy Daydream

Rubbernecker Blog 35016-layered-daisy-bouquet-color-wm-480x500

And for a fun twist on the floral idea with a punch of girl power we have

Rubbernecker Blog 35017-girl-with-flowers-color-333x500

Using that same fun font we created some phrases that add a ton of fun.

Party Phrases

Rubbernecker Blog 35013-party-phrases-wm-250x500

Speaking of phrases, you’ve all been asking for more sets that combine a single “main word” with lots of variations. Here you go!

Happy Birthday

Rubbernecker Blog 35015-Birthday-wm-333x500

You also asked for an alphabet that was versatile enough to work with many of our styles and we went with this – the folks in Orlando were over the moon!

Rubbernecker Blog 35011-alpha-set-wm-500x1000

And last, a secret set we made just for you card makers – something to let you leave your mark, in the prettiest way – on your works of art. We give you

Handmade With

Rubbernecker Blog 3476-hand-made-with-color-wm-500x1000

Everything is now love in the store so be sure to pop over to everything that is new from Rubbernecker this month and have fun creating with all your new beautiful designs!

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