Did Someone Say Ombre Cards?

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Ombre cards are still hot hot hot – come see what WE’VE got!

Ombre cards are still all the rage and it’s easy to see why! Beautiful colors – monochromatic or deliciously mixed – all flow into one another down or across a swath to make a gorgeous, melty look. Our designers are big fans of ombre which you can see when you browse our list of posts dedicated to this technique.

Let’s take a peek at some family AND fan favorites so you can get inspired to go make your own ombre cards.

First up is this beautiful card where the ombre combined with emboss resist give the background almost a burnt out velvet look.

Rubbernecker Blog IMG_4065-1-1000x1000

The monochromatic ombre lets the details of the heat embossed design on the background really pop. Then setting the crisp white and bright green against those pretty pinks adds lots of visual interest while still allowing the details to show themselves off. What a beautiful design!

Here’s another monochromatic ombre card that used the beautiful cool blues to set the stage for those richly colored blossoms.

Rubbernecker Blog Rubbernecker-Stamps_Lisa-Bzibziak_01.27.22-1000x1000

We would like to take this moment to brag a little about our Color Fuse inks. We do hear from people that as much as they love making any cards using ink blending. They report that they get frustrated because they have trouble getting their inks to blend seamlessly – a key to beautiful ombre. As we have said before, we drove our ink formulators BA-NA-NAS (don’t worry, we are still friends!) with tweaking the formula to make sure that both the consistency AND the colors of the inks would give even the newest stampers success.

One of our favorite things to hear is when customers come back and tell us that for the very first time they were able to make a card using ink blending that they loved thanks to our inks. YAY!

Now for some ombres using different colors! First is this stunner.

Rubbernecker Blog IMG_0851-1000x1000

When we first posted this, we almost broke the internet. This post got so many clicks and shares and you can see why! All those bright and cheerful colors and a shaker card no less! What an awesome thing to receive on your birthday!

Here’s another gorgeous card that uses multicolored ombre in the background and then just pops a cover die over it for instant depth and detail.

Rubbernecker Blog IMG_7828-2-1000x1000

And last, here’s a card that capitalizes on the “glowy” look that is still so popular for winter cards.

Rubbernecker Blog White-Christmas-Snowman-Card-by-Annie-Williams-for-Rubbernecker-Flat-1000x1000

All those soft shades blended together really give you that wintry, crisp feel!

With the right ink and the right tools and some inspiration like these spectacular projects, making ombre cards no longer has to be difficult! Even if you don’t have time to make a whole card, play around a little with some of these ideas and see what you come up with!

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