A Pop Up Box Card Full of Gnomes!

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Today you guys are in for a treat because we have a super cute pop up box card that today is packed full of gnomes. And our designer is sharing her tips for using the PREMADE pop up box card blanks from The Paper Cut to help you adapt this fun type of card to all kinds of themes. These blanks come with all the pieces to make the base and a measuring/cutting guide for your panels to add all that fun detail.

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As she did in the image above, just lay your box base down and decide how you want the papers to decorate the box and the flaps. PRO TIP: If you are using a pattern that has a continuous pattern, be sure to plan your cutting for the placement of these panels to make sure it all looks cohesive.

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Now flip ot over and repeat for the rest of the panels. The back of the box will not be scored and should not be folded and will be the backdrop to the pop up elements you add to your project.

When it’s all decorated, add adhesive to the flap and form the box.

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Then, if you want to, you can add some additional detail to the tabbed strips you will be using to mount your elements. Here our designer added some “grass” cut using the new Slimline Grass Die and trimmed to fit. Then you just fold in the tabs and add them into the box, spaced evenly front to back.

Now you decorate! Lisa went to town adding tons of cute images from the new Gnomes and Woodlands Creatures sets. You might not be able to see all of the details from the front of the box card but there are LOADS of surprises to be found when you look closely.

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Lisa mixed and matched images from the four stamp sets and used lots of different thicknesses of foam tape, liquid adhesive and double sided tape to give this 3D scene even more dimension.  Some were attached right to the grass but it’s really fun to make some images “float”.  (And by the way.. aren’t these stamp sets just the cutest??)

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PRO TIP: Lisa says she save her clear plastic packing for just such an occasion. She attached the bees, butterflies, birds and even the jumping bunny by cutting strips of the plastic and then attaching the image to the top of the strip with liquid adhesive like Glossy Accents and then position it and attach the bottom part either directly to one of the strips on the base, or to the back of one of the other images.

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Just look at this shot – it’s like a tunnel of fun images! And what’s really cool is these box cards fold “flat”! When folded this card should fit in an envelope for a standard A2 card! The recipient of this card is going to be so surprised and wowed! 

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You can decorate the outside too if you’d like… and then… as it’s opened….

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Bam!  Surprise!

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PRO TIP: Make the front flap that will show when folded down the area where you add the sentiment. This way when the box is open and standing, that message will be right there to see every time.
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Here are the items used to make this project:

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If you don’t have the blanks from The Paper Cut and are ITCHING to make this project, you can find instructions on the web. But we DO highly recommend trying your hand at making a pop up box card because they are easier than they look, SO much fun to make and highly addictive!

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