Quick and Easy Holiday Card Ideas

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Check out three quick and easy holiday card ideas that you can adapt so easily!

As much as we all love those over the top, jaw droppingly detailed cards, sometimes we want a little bank of quick and easy holiday card ideas that we can whip out in just a few minutes. When we looked through our projects for today’s Flashback Friday we saw SO many contenders but ultimately chose these three because they are so adaptable. Use the basic design idea and then leave off or add what you are loving or swap out what was used for what you have for even more variety.

Let’s take a look!

First is this gorgeous framed sentiment from Kittie – we love the all in one holly die she used because it covers a lot of space quickly, but any holiday greenery would look spectacular on this card.

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Quick and Easy Handmade Christmas Cards

Check out this great idea for some quick and easy handmade Christmas cards! No matter how involved we may make our holiday cards, we all always need some ideas for some quick and easy handmade Christmas cards for those last minute moments. We loved this card from Kittie from last year so much we felt we had to share it again, especially with so many large seasonal greetings on sale! We just love how Kittie combined one large greeting, heat

Then we have these fabulous DIY Christmas gift tags – these are so great we’ve shared them elsewhere and the design, using up scraps and that pop of metallic glam is just irresistible. Just stick one on a card base and you’ve got an “instant” card!

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DIY Christmas Gift Tags – Quick and Easy!

These DIY Christmas gift tags might save the day! We are closing in on the holiday and we think this idea for some quick and easy DIY Christmas gift tags might just end up being a lifesaver! How many times have you run out of those stick-on ones or, worse, discovered they won’t STICK to your wrapping paper! ARGH, right? One of the best things about making your own gift tags is that there will be no question which gifts

And last is this charming design for quick and easy poinsettia Christmas cards. These winter blooms never go out of fashion and the pretty water coloring on this card is a nice relief from some of the more bold and graphic looks. Plus you can get in the holiday mood by watching classic Christmas movies while you color! Win-win!

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Quick and Easy Poinsettia Christmas Cards

You are going to LOVE this design for quick and easy poinsettia Christmas cards! This flower is such a classic and iconic emblem of the holidays and today Jamie has created for us a design for quick and easy poinsettia Christmas cards that are just so pretty and dare we say again, perfect for batch making! As much as we all love to make and receive one-of-a-kind cards, projects that are easy to mass produce and still have touches of

These three quick and easy holiday card ideas are a good jumping off point for you to start getting your inspiration and creative thoughts going for this year. Just pick an idea you love, plan ahead and before you know it you will be using your extra time doing MORE crafting! WOOT!

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