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Learn why we are so proud that we can proclaim “Rubbernecker – All Made in the USA”!

Hey crafty friends! Today we are going to take a break from our regularly scheduled Flashback Fridays for an important message.

We have seen many posts going around lately about craft products being ripped off and reproduced overseas for cheap. We want you to know that all things Rubbernecker are made in the USA, a choice we made quite deliberately.

We have definitely fallen victim to our designs being illegally reproduced and sold on Amazon or Temu for pennies. As a company it feels defeating because we work so hard to keep this small family business thriving.

Crafting and cardmaking brings so many people joy, and some people use the cheaper items because that’s all that the budget can handle. We get that. We truly do.

But as we all know, very often when you pay so much less you get far less quality. We have heard from people who think they are buying genuine items on discount or foreign sites and are horribly disappointed. Sometimes the images are teeny tiny and dies are made from material that crumples the first time they use them. Or they are sent something that bears less than zero resemblance to the design they thought they were getting. Or, even worse, they get package with something like a hair elastic or paper clips and have to fight with the company to get a refund.

We want you to know that all of Rubbernecker’s products are made in the United States ONLY! The quality is superior giving you highest quality items that work well and last longer, making what you spend on them actually a better deal than the things that are sketchy. We pay a higher price for production to ensure we offer only the best products.

We also want to support US companies as we feel it is the right thing to do to keep our economy strong and robust. We will never purchase cheaper items from China and pass them off as U.S. made which is sadly not uncommon. Small businesses sometimes choose to go overseas to get products because running a small business can be hard and costly. Because we so believe in both supporting our own fellow citizens AND delivering the best possibly quality to our customers, we’ve chosen to embrace the harder route and do the best by everyone.

We’ve mentioned this before but we feel that is it such an important part of the promise we make to our fans, friends and customers, it was worth reminding everyone. Especially when we see our and other hard working small businesses’ “products” being stolen and sold for so much less. In these cases, sadly, you are likely to get what you pay for and that won’t be what you can get from us.

If you are looking for a U.S. made options, remember that our proud claim of Rubbernecker all made in the USA. We can’t wait to get crafty with you!

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