Rubbernecker Color Fuse Re-Inkers Are HERE!

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We are SO happy to announce that Rubbernecker Color Fuse Re-Inkers are here and ready to ship!

Today is the day! We are excited to have all the Rubbernecker Color Fuse Re-Inkers for our AH-MAZING Color Fuse Inks on the shelves and ready to ship! Every single color set is here and begging to be sent to a good home to be loved and used!

When our Color Fuse Ink arrived on the scene, even WE weren’t prepared for how absolutely bananas everyone went over them. We kept hearing from Color Fuse fans that they just could NOT get over how beautifully these inks performed and how much they absolutely adored the shades, hues and tints we chose to make up the 12 different four-color sets. Many of our customers proclaimed that Color Fuse was the very best ink for stamping they’d experienced.

All About Color Fuse Ink

Color Fuse is a quick drying dye ink with consistent coverage.  Color Fuse works well for all your water-based area projects. Color Fuse inks were created especially for layered stamping, utilizing a progressive color value in each hue, which really adds so much to your projects!  We know you have been waiting for re-inkers, and we are so happy to finally have them available for you. 

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Set #1 – our vibrant yellows; Lemon, Custard. Autumn and AmarettoRubbernecker Blog ColorFuseReinkers-11-500x357

Set #2 – our warm orange shades; Mango, Citrus, Apricot and PumpkinRubbernecker Blog ColorFuseReinkers-10-500x357

Set #3 our rich browns; Mocha, Caramel, Cinnamon and PecanRubbernecker Blog ColorFuseReinkers-12-500x357

Set #4 – our warm reds; Posey, Scarlet, Nectar and CrimsonRubbernecker Blog ColorFuseReinkers-9-500x357

Set #5 – our bright pinks; Rose, Blush, Bubblegum and FucshiaRubbernecker Blog ColorFuseReinkers-8-500x357

Set #6 – our rich purples; Lavender, Lilac, Orchid and MagentaRubbernecker Blog ColorFuseReinkers-7-500x357

Set #7 – our blues with slight violet tints; Arctic, Sky, Odyssey and AzureRubbernecker Blog ColorFuseReinkers-6-500x357

Set #8 – our “true” blues; Sonata, Sierra, Serene and SapphireRubbernecker Blog ColorFuseReinkers-5-500x357

Set #9 – our beautiful teal shades; Beachside, Whisper, Dreamer and CedarRubbernecker Blog ColorFuseReinkers-4-500x357

Set #10 – our greens with blue undertones; Mist, Moss, Clover and BasilRubbernecker Blog ColorFuseReinkers-500x357

Set #11 – our greens with yellow undertones; Melon, Fern, Grass and Juniper
Rubbernecker Blog ColorFuseReinkers-2-500x357

Set #12 – our cool grays; Chill, Silver, Slate and HearthRubbernecker Blog ColorFuseReinkers-3-500x357

Be sure to check out the bundle price, too! Get ALL the Color Fuse Re-Inkers at a great discount – price on the website! – and be able to reink all your Color Fuse pads and have handy full sized .5 fluid ounce bottles handy for all those times you need “drops” of ink!

Rubbernecker Blog ColorFuseReinkers-74-500x333

Rubbernecker Blog ColorFuseReinkers-75-500x327
Now, we don’t want to sound “pushy” or salesy. However it would be downright rude of us NOT to tell you that our Color Fuse Ink pads sold out very quickly with the first few batches and we fully expect our Rubbernecker Color Fuse Re-Inkers to do the same. If there are color sets that are your all-time favorites, you will want to snap these up before we have to place a restock order!

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