Are You A Rubbernecker Gold Status Customer?

Are you a Rubbernecker Gold Status customer yet? If you have spent $500 or more with us online over the past three years – yes, it’s cumulative! – you are a Gold Status Customer! AND, this is a lifetime achievement, so you don’t have to spend $500 a year (though we are in awe of those of you who do – SHOW US YOUR CARDS! LOL!) – once you’ve gained entry to this elite level of rewards, you are in for life!

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what are the perks to acheiving GOLD Status?
  1. You will receive 5% off selected NEW rubber stamps, dies, clear sets, and ink pads for the first seven days after their release!
  2. You will be granted exclusive access to New Releases 24 hours prior to everyone else via a private link that activates once you log into our site. (woo-hoo!)
  3. You will get V.I.P front-of-the-line access to sales, giving you a 24 hour head start on all sales which means you get first pick before inventory runs out. 
  4. You can earn EXCLUSIVE clear sets that are only available to clients with Gold Status. These are earned after every $250 spent on once you have received Rubbernecker Gold Status. (Totals will be calculated at the end of each month and rewards will automatically be distributed.)
  5. This status is a lifetime status, meaning you don’t have to earn it again. Enjoy! 


Curious to see when you will hit Gold Status and be enrolled in this awesome rewards program?
  • Simply log into your account  
  • Click on “My Account”
  • Under the section “My Orders” click on “Review Orders”. 
  • Use the dropdown menu to see your orders by year. 
  • Look at totals for past three years and see how close you are to $500.  The good(er) news is that we review accounts on a monthly basis and anyone who hits the amount within the month will be promoted to Gold Status the next month and we will inform you so you can get started with your new perks! We are a small, family owned and operated business and we are thankful for every single one of our customers. We wanted to make sure you know how valued you are and wanted to create something that would truly express our gratitude for your loyalty and love of our products.

If you are already a Rubbernecker Gold Status Customer, you know how fun it is to be part of this group of avid fans. And if you aren’t yet – we’ve got your space reserved for you!

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